Life’s easy when you’re a dog, but being popular is even easier when you’re a doodle. After all, who can resist these real-life teddy bears?! Not me, that’s for sure. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely want to give these doods a follow on Instagram.

That Dood Squad

Now this is #SquadGoals if I’ve ever seen one. That Dood Squad runs the town (Atlanta, GA) and, let’s be honest, have a way better social life than I’ve ever had.

Part of the squad is Addison the Sheepadoodle, Cedar the Goldendoodle, Packer the Goldendoodle, Bernadette the Bernedoodle, Miss Lola the Goldendoodle, and Sheldon the Cockapoo.


Zoey is an F1b goldendoode also in Atlanta, GA. She apparently loves donuts, her human baby sister, and going on therapy visits.

Wrigley and Theo

Wrigley and Theo from Springfield, MO are two handsome dood brothers who love to sport matching bandanas, jackets, and Hawaiian shirts.


Bentley the mini goldendoodle is a dapper young fellow who is well known for having a “pee buddy” and a budding career as a bandana model.

Sullivan and Sampson

Sullivan the goldendoodle and Sampson the irishdoodle are [self-proclaimed] “charming, witty, entertaining, and always pushing the boundaries.” And after scrolling through their feed for a bit, we can’t say we disagree.


Ruby the Australian labradoodle has us squealing in delight over here, because she is just about as adorable and as photogenic as doodles come.


Peyton the double doodle is a sight for sore eyes. And look at his gorgeous hair! #IWonderWhatConditionerHeUses


If I didn’t know any better, we’d say that Willow the mini goldendoodle is part of the scene out there in Los Angeles. I mean, just scroll through her feed and you’ll agree that face was meant for stardom.

Who are your favorite dood influencers? Let us know in the comments below!

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