We are open to collaborating with pet-industry companies who want to reach our audience. Here are some ideas of how we can work together.

Advertise With Us

Place your ad on one of our highly-visited pages for maximum exposure to passionate Doodle parents who are ready to learn and buy.

Pricing is based on current RPM (“revenue per mille”) by page.


Looking for a more impactful way to get your litter out in front of puppy-hungry people? This page is just for you!

Sponsored Posts

Having us write a sponsored post is a great way to educate our audience on a topic (or product) they’re interested in. We are open to reviewing pet products that provide great solutions to problems related to:

  • Doodle coat care
  • Home grooming
  • General health
  • Training
  • And behavioral issues

Interview Swaps

Do you want to educate our audience about something in particular, but also want to educate your audience about Doodles? Let’s interview each other on our respective media platforms.

Webinars & Online Classes

We’d love to host a webinar or online class on Doodle coat care, home grooming, Doodles 101, or any other topic related to Doodles.

Any of that sound like a good way to collaborate? Let’s talk.

Media Kit

Doodle Doods Media Kit - june 2022

Image by Farm Doodles, licensed under CC BY 2.0.