Best Halloween costumes for Goldendoodles

For those of us who love Halloween, choosing the perfect costume is the second-best part of the holiday – after the candy, of course! For double the fun, why not consider picking out an awesome outfit for your best friend to wear too? After all, pets love to be part of all the family fun. This is a perfect way for them to join in with all the festivities. But if making them a creative costume for scratch is not on the cards, you might consider looking online. Here you will find the very best ready-to-go Halloween costumes for Goldendoodles (and all other Doodles, too) that will make your pup look simply adorable.

Our Top 8 Most Adorable Costumes for Your Doodle

Here are our favorite picks for 2021, with the links to where you can buy them. Keep scrolling for guidance on finding the right one for your pet and more detailed reviews of our top picks.

  • Pick #1:

    Star Wars Chewbacca Dog Costume. Perfect for your woolly brown Goldendoodle, this super cute Wookie warrior hoodie provides an effortless Star Wars-themed costume that will be the hit of any party.

  • Pick #2:

    Avengers Thor Dog Costume. For every special ‘Dog of Thunder,’ this epic Thor costume and headpiece looks even better than the real thing, making it a great choice for the little superhero in your life.

  • Pick #3:

    Teddy Bear Costume for Dogs. Far and away the most believable outfit of the lot, this Teddy Bear costume is perfect for Goldendoodles who naturally look just like living Teddies already.

  • Pick #4:

    Incredibles Dog Costume. Help your pet mask their identity before they head off to save the day in this epic, young, and fun Incredibles outfit that is nothing short of… well, incredible.

  • Pick #5:

    Lion Dog Costume. Super simple yet super realistic, this lion mane pet accessory total transforms your golden Goldendoodle into the King of the Jungle – don’t forget to warn people first!

  • Pick #6:

    Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Dog Costume. Another iconic costume choice that looks just great, this Ghostbuster jumpsuit with its inflatable proton pack will have your dog winning Halloween this year.

  • Pick #7:

    Maleficent Dog Costume. Disney fans look out; this mega Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent outfit is everything you’re looking for in a Halloween costume: creepy, creative, and utterly unique.

  • Pick #8:

    Minion Dog Costume. Not all that scary, but definitely cute; this awesome Minion pet costume will have your friends and family in stitches watching your pup wriggle all about the place.

Dog Halloween Costumes: Buyer’s Guide

Luckily these days, canine costumes are many and varied. You will easily be able to find the right one to match your dog’s look and style – not to mention your own costume. 

In terms of theme, you can’t really go wrong. Doodles are adorable in anything (Not that we’re jealous… much!) However, there are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect Halloween costume for your Goldendoodle. 


A big pain point for pet costumes is a poor fit. Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes that it would be too much to hope for one-size-fits-all designs. So when shopping around, pay close attention to the measurements provided. 

Some sellers go so far as to create specific costumes for certain breeds. This is even better news because you can be sure that these will match your dog’s specifications – longer legs, stockier build, etc. Sadly, though, hybrids such as Goldendoodles aren’t always catered for – but that’s might change as they become more popular.


Goldies tend to run a little hotter than other dogs with their fluffy, thick, and/or woolly coats. Light materials work best for them, especially if you hope they will keep the costume on for a while. Obviously, the climate will factor in here. If you live in a cooler place and you and your pup will be outside, bulkier fabrics are fine. 

Ease of cleaning is also important to think about if you want to keep hold of the costume for future use. Luckily, many are constructed using man-made fibers, which can generally be wiped down or even thrown in the washing machine. Just ensure you follow the correct cleaning instructions to keep the costume in tip-top condition. 


Anything you put on your dog needs to hold up well to movement, chewing, and claws. This is especially the case if your Goldie is on the boisterous side, as so many of them are. Most well-made canine costumes are designed with this in mind and feature durable materials with reinforced seams.

Pay attention also to fasteners used on the costume. Velcro is a common choice but may not work for your dog if they are reluctant to keep the outfit on. This could also catch and get tangled up in their hair. Buckle fasteners are probably your best option, while hook and loop ones allow for easy adjustments for a better fit. 


Finally, design is another crucial feature. While some costumes may look great, they might not work for your pooch if they have tempting dangly bits and your pup is a bit of a chewer or if they are a little restrictive and your dog loves to run. These costumes are great for a quick photo-op but are unlikely to last through the evening. 

Another thing to think about is your pup’s tolerance levels for wearing clothes. If this is something they are used to because you like to pop them in a cozy sweater in the winter or a raincoat for walkies, then you have more options. However, if your pet is new to costumes, you might want to start with something simple.  

Best Halloween Costumes for Goldendoodles: Reviews

Star Wars Chewbacca Pet Costume

Demonstrate your Dood’s allegiance to the Rebel Alliance by dressing them up in this fab, fun Chewbacca Pet Costume. The legendary Wookie warrior is the perfect sidekick to your Hans Solo or Princess Leia. This costume is ideal for Doodles with a woolly coat just like Chewie’s. They can really look the part – only, let’s face it, a whole lot cuter than the original!

  • Star Wars Chewbacca Dog Costume

The faux fur pet hoody with attached bandolier and pouch is a hit with most Star Wars-loving pet parents. Not only does it look great, but it’s super comfy too. It will keep them super snug while out and about trick or treating. Just take care if you live in a warmer climate that they don’t overheat. 


This is a super effective, well-made, high-quality costume that can be used time and again.


Pay close attention to measurement details to ensure you have the best size for your pet. Many reviewers had an issue with this.

Avengers Thor Pet Costume

This amazing-looking Thor outfit will instantly transform your pal into a dead ringer for the legendary Marvel superhero (superpowers not included). The step-in shirt fits comfortably over your pooch’s front paws, with the attached cape flowing freely down their back. The costume even includes a great-looking headpiece and the infamous hammer of the Thunder God.

  • Avengers Thor Dog Costume

Reviewers were super impressed with the fit of this costume and how great their dog looked in it. Many of them really went crazy for the wig – it adds a particularly special touch. The fact that the costume only covers the front part of your pet ensures they won’t get overheated when wearing it for a couple of hours. 


With this great-fitting costume, it is instantly apparent just who your pet is meant to be.


Again, sizing seems to be the only real issue, with some people commenting that the headpiece was a little small for their pooch.

Teddy Bear Costume for Pets

This is a super simple idea for owners without much time to dedicate to dressing up their furry pal. Who could resist this absolutely adorable Teddy Bear costume with its stuffed suit plush body and super cute headpiece? Take care, though, party people; dressing up your pup like this might make you more inclined to put on your PJs and curl up for a lovely, snuggly nap!

  • Teddy Bear Costume for Dogs

This well-made product did exactly what pup parents needed it to – transformed their ridiculously gorgeous Doodle into a ridiculously gorgeous teddy-alike. The suit is well made without being overly bulky or thick, making it great for extended use. Reviewers say friends and family just couldn’t resist going in for a cuddle.


Never was a costume more tailored made for a breed. This one will no doubt be perfect for your Doodle.


Take care with the headpiece fastener; some reviewers report it broke off quite easily.

Incredibles Pet Costume

If you’ve picked out matching Incredibles outfits for all the family this Halloween, don’t forget your pup. This eye-catching costume includes the iconic shirt (stuffed for an extra special pumped up, powerful appearance), which fits snugly over their front paws and down their back. The accompanying eye mask completes the look and will leave you wondering just what superpowers your pet has.

  • Incredibles Dog Costume

Purchasers comment that this costume is generally well-made and looks lovely on. It matches up with the people version of these costumes very well, and the fit is reasonable based on the measurements provided on the website. A few had problems with their dog not getting on with the mask – but suggest using it as a headband instead. 


Simple yet totally compelling, this costume looks great as part of a family set.


The Velcro fastening is not that reliable if your pooch moves about a lot.

Lion Pet Costume

Send your friends and neighbors headed for the hills with this big cat costume that will have your pup looking just like the real thing. You really won’t believe your eyes! The gorgeous plush mane headpiece, with its cute little ears, slips easily over your dog’s head – and that’s all you need to do. This is a straightforward outfit choice for pups who don’t like to be messed with.

  • Lion Dog Costume

While your dog may look a little intimidating from a distance – especially if they are on the larger side – up close, they look great, according to reviewers (not to mention the photos they have posted). The headpiece is an effortless fit for floppy-eared pups, but the mane will need a little fluffing for effect. 


This outfit is great for dogs who don’t really like having anything around their body or over their paws.


You’ll need to play around with the headpiece to get it looking as good as it does in the picture.

Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Pet Costume

Who you gonna call? You’ve got a Peter, a Ray, an Egon and a Winston – maybe you’ve even got a Slimer (if so, let us know how!) What’s missing? A ghostbusting canine, of course! With this 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric jacket and a very realistic vinyl proton strap on pack, you can guarantee that your pal ain’t afraid of no ghosts this Halloween.

  • Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Dog Costume

Reviews are a little limited for this fab product, but that just means other people are yet to think of it. Your dog will smash that Halloween bash with their bad-ass ghostbusting ways. The outfit is available in small, medium, large and extra-large, so you will be able to find a good fit for your Doodle no matter their size. 


The costume looks great, and the hook and loop fasteners make for a better fit.


The jacket could get a little warm after a while, especially if your pup is on the long-haired side.

Maleficent Dog Costume

Excellent for the ultra-patient four-legged female in your life is this great-looking, intricate Disney Sleeping Beauty-inspired Maleficent dog costume. With its standup collar and purple trimming, the 100% polyester fabric robe and freaky, horn-topped hat may well bring out the evil fairy in your hound.

  • Maleficent Dog Costume

One happy pet parent dubbed this high-quality costume ‘Malifiterrific,’ and we can see why. While the outfit may seem complicated, the robe’s hook and loop fastener make for a more comfortable fit, while the headpiece is snuggly secured with an elastic chin band. 


If your pooch is happy to wear a more elaborate costume, this one is a very original choice.


As with other full-body costumes, your Goldie could get a little hot and bothered.

Minion Pet Costume

Every evil genius needs a loving and loyal minion by their side, and you don’t get more loving or loyal than man’s best friend. While this hilarious Despicable Me outfit is admittedly a little more yeah! than scare, it sure looks good on. The outfit includes a t-shirt, printed jumpsuit, and headpiece with silver plush goggles attached and minion eyes details. The end result is Minionlicious!

  • Minion Dog Costume

It’s worth checking online reviews for this excellent product just to see the photos! Even fussy pups seem okay with wearing it, so it must be pretty comfortable. The costume fits well – just ignore the small, medium, large labels and pay attention to measurements.


A brilliantly fun costume that can be easily matched in people form.


Owner comments suggest that the outfit tends to run a little small, so make time to try it on before the big night.

Canine Costumes: Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I dress up my dog as for Halloween?

When thinking up costume ideas for your Goldendoodle, the only limit is your imagination (and your pup’s patience levels, of course). You could literally put them in a bin liner, and they would look just as cute as can be. Just make sure the outfit you opt for is entirely safe for your dog to wear. 

What is the most popular Halloween costume for dogs?

Like people fashion, sought-after costumes for canines come and go, so there really is no most popular Halloween costume for dogs year after year. However, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, the top choices last year were pumpkin, hot dog, superhero, cat, bumblebee, and ghost – perfect picks, every one. 

Can dogs wear Halloween costumes?

Some owners might be a little worried about dressing their little Dood up, and that’s perfectly understandable. It’s no fun unless they are having fun too. The truth is many dogs love the extra attention being in costume brings. However, if in doubt, opt for something really simple. 

If you’re planning to take your pet to a Halloween event this year, you will want them to look the part. There are some truly awesome ready-made costumes out there for canines that will really make an impact. Just take care that you pick a good-quality one that suits your dog and won’t make them uncomfortable. Our top picks include something for every dog for a fantastic time with all the family. Happy Halloween!

What is your Dood going as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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