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Chloe Gets a New Baby Sister…and Behavioral Issues

Favorite This Article 0It’s been a little quiet around here but we’re ready to get back into the swing of things…6 months after a beautiful little baby girl joined our family! (For those of you with kids, I’m sure you understand the delay! 🙂 Now, I wish this blog could end with that nice little […]

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Chloe Freaking Out After a Bath – Hilarious!

funny goldendoodle freaks out after a bath

Favorite This Article 0 So Chloe my goldendoodle got a soothing bath recently. She was loving every second of it – the one-on-one attention, the massaging of her entire body with shampoo, and the rinse off with nice, warm water… Well it must have soothed her a little too much because she turned into a […]

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We’ve Changed Our Name!

Favorite This Article 0Surprise! We have a new name and logo! Introducing “Doodle Doods” (previously known as All About Goldendoodle Grooming). Rebranding the website has been in the back of our minds for a while now. And although goldendoodles are still the loves of our lives, we felt that it would be best to expand our […]

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Do doodles love eating VEGETABLES, or is it just Chloe?

Favorite This Article 0Do doodles love eating VEGETABLES, or is it just Chloe? Aside from the occasional snack of grass in the yard, she eats them all. Her favorites are cooked leafy greens, and steamed broccoli and bell peppers. She also loves most fruits. LOL… Chloe eats a veggie. How funny is that? (And before […]

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And to your right we have Chloe in an ugly Christmas sweater

Favorite This Article 0You know how they say dogs have unconditional love for their humans? Well I like to think that one way to find out for sure is to make them wear ugly Christmas sweaters and for your own amusement. LOL! Chloe is so unamused, but she still loves me…right? I know it’s way […]

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10 Cute and Unique Holiday Gifts for the Goldendoodle Parent

10 Cute and Unique Gifts for the Goldendoodle Parent

Favorite This Article 0It’s that time of year again! If you are a goldendoodle parent like me or know someone who is, be sure to add something-goldendoodle to your holiday shopping list. But don’t settle for just anything-goldendoodle! Here are some of the cutest and most unique goldendoodle gifts I’ve found that are sure to make the […]

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