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Doodle Dog Grooming Kit: 12 Necessary Tools to Have on Hand

12 necessary goldendoodle grooming tools for at-home grooming

Favorite This Article 6Grooming tools?! Yep, you heard right. In theory, grooming a Doodle at home seems easy. All you need are some scissors, right? Hmmm…maybe – if you don’t mind embarrassing your Dood with a mediocre, choppy haircut. But if you don’t want your poor pup to be made fun of by all the […]

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Puppy Checklist for New Doodle Owners: Items and Products You’ll Need

Puppy Checklist for New Doodle Owners_ Items and Products You’ll Need

Favorite This Article 2So, you’re getting a Doodle puppy! Congrats! Trust me when I say that they are totally worth it. Doodles are an absolute joy to have as part of the family. Now the question is…are you prepared? We’ll go over every single item you’ll need in this comprehensive Doodle puppy checklist. Puppy Proofing […]

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Never Fear! The Best Clippers for Doodles are Here!

The Best Clippers for Doodles

Favorite This Article 0If you haven’t owned a Doodle before, you probably don’t know much about grooming them. You may be worried about how to keep your pup in a comfortable and presentable condition. The fact is that Doodles look and feel best when groomed every 7-10 weeks. This means that either your wallet will […]

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