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The Ultimate Labradoodle Brush Guide: The Best Brush For Labradoodle

The Ultimate Labradoodle Brush Guide_ The Best Brush For Labradoodle

Favorite This Article 1It’s no secret that Labradoodles are high maintenance when it comes to their coats. We’re going to find out what’s the best brush for Labradoodle and look at some other Labradoodle grooming tools that you might need. And, of course, we’ll discuss how and how often you should brush your Doodle. Regular […]

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Goldendoodle Hair Growth Time Lapse Over 90 Days

Goldendoodle Hair Growth 90 Day Time Lapse Video (1)

Favorite This Article 2Did you doodle just get shaved? Are you devastated? If so, you’re probably wondering how long it takes for a Doodle’s hair to grow out again. I see this question all the time online, and we’ve finally been able to make this video to answer once and for all, just how long it takes […]

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Is a Short Summer Cut Essential for Doodles?

Favorite This Article 1 “Is a Summer Cut essential for Doodles? Some say a dog’s fur/hair keeps them cool by insulating from the heat, while others think the less hair, the cooler they are during the summer. Which is it?” Are you hearing conflicting information on whether a summer cut is essential for Doodles? Many […]

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Doodle HATE Being Brushed? Here are 13 Tips to Help

Favorite This Article 4 “My Aussiedoodle HATES to be brushed. I love her longer coat, but she always matts because she won’t let me brush her. This has been going on since she was young pup. I just end up shaving her…suggestions?” Ah, a common complaint from Doodle owners. Does your Doodle hate being brushed, […]

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Do You Still Need to Brush Your Doodle After a Short Haircut?

Favorite This Article 0If your Doodle recently got a short haircut for whatever reason, you might be wondering if you still need to brush him at the moment. The good news is that until the hair gains some length, you probably won’t be spending a ton of time brushing. In fact, you probably won’t need […]

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How to Bathe a Dog: Ultimate Guide to Bathing Doodles

how to bathe a dog

Favorite This Article 2As a Doodle owner, you know just how important baths are for maintaining their beautiful coats. A Doodle’s coat is his trademark, after all! Now, you might think you know how to bathe a dog, but do you know how to bathe a Doodle? In this ultimate guide, we will discuss the […]

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How to Remove Matted Dog Hair Behind Ears With Cornstarch

matted dog hair behind ears - dematting a dog with cornstarch

Favorite This Article 3As a Doodle owner, I’m sure you know all too well the risk of tangles and mats. Mats most commonly occur in places like the belly or behind the ears where a lot of friction happens. Now, there are lots of products out there that can make our lives easier when it […]

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