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Is Dog Ear Plucking Necessary With Doodles? And How To Do It

Is Dog Ear Plucking Necessary With Doodles_ And How To Do It

Favorite This Article 0As a Doodle owner, I’m sure you are familiar with dog ear plucking. If not, it’s basically a procedure done by groomers or vets to pull hair out from inside the ear canal. It’s typically done by using a hair pulling hemostat (tweezers) or fingers, in conjunction with a specialty ear powder. […]

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How to Trim Your Doodle’s Beard Video Tutorial

How to Trim Your Doodle's Beard

Favorite This Article 1As a Doodle owner, I’m sure you know just how long and fast Doodle hair can grow. And while cute, sometimes that hair can be unsightly and inconvenient. For example, when a Doodle’s beard gets too long, it might pick up debris or get stained from food or dirt, or move water […]

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How to Remove Matted Dog Hair Behind Ears With Cornstarch

matted dog hair behind ears - dematting a dog with cornstarch

Favorite This Article 2As a Doodle owner, I’m sure you know all too well the risk of tangles and mats. Mats most commonly occur in places like the belly or behind the ears where a lot of friction happens. Now, there are lots of products out there that can make our lives easier when it […]

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DIY Maintenance Grooming: Trimming Around the Eyes Video Tutorial

DIY Maintenance Grooming_ Trimming Around the Eyes Video Tutorial

Favorite This Article 1Doodles are well-known for having beautiful, long locks of hair. But if your dood has started running into the walls (…or you), take a good look at his face. Could it be that his long, beautiful hair is blocking his eyesight? If your dood’s face looks anything like the pic above, now […]

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Unique Goldendoodle Haircut – the Mohawk (And How to Dye it!)

Unique Goldendoodle Hairstyle-mohawk

Favorite This Article 0Among all the badass grooming styles out there, the mohawk is the goldendoodle haircut that will change your life forever. You will become a more daring and adventurous person and all of your wildest dreams will come true! Okay, maybe not. But, it will make your dood the talk of the town and […]

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