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Goldendoodle Grooming at Home: a Step-by-Step Guide!

How to groom a goldendoodle at home: a step-by-step guide

Favorite This Article 2Whether you have a puppy or a 10 year old dood, goldendoodle grooming in the comfort of your own home is a valuable skill. Maybe you’re wanting to reduce your allergies. Maybe he’s a little too shaggy for your liking. Or maybe you just want to save some cash…after all, those trips […]

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Goldendoodle Grooming Tools: What You Need for a Successful Groom

Tools you need to groom a goldendoodle

Favorite This Article 0Goldendoodle grooming tools?! In theory, grooming a goldendoodle at home seems easy – all you need are some scissors, right? Hmmm…maybe – if you don’t mind embarrassing your dood with a mediocre, choppy haircut. (Yes, they know when they’re having a bad hair day! They are super intelligent, after all!) If you […]

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Goldendoodle Haircuts that Will Make You Swoon! (Lots of Pictures!)

Goldendoodle haircuts that will make you swoon

Favorite This Article 2Depending on their generation, they may have curls, wavy hair, or something in between. Any which way, if you have a goldendoodle you know how irresistibly adorable they are. And even though you may want to keep that face oh-so-fluffy and teddy bear-like for ever and ever, occasional goldendoodle haircuts are a […]

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The 2 Absolute BEST Brushes for Goldendoodles!

Favorite This Article 1Whether you’ve just put down a deposit on a goldendoodle puppy or already have one as part of the family, you know just how important doodle coat maintenance is. Since you’re here, you’re probably ready to take dood’s grooming seriously and are on the hunt for the best brushes for goldendoodles. The […]

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