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Is a Short Summer Cut Essential for Doodles?

Favorite This Article 1 “Is a Summer Cut essential for Doodles? Some say a dog’s fur/hair keeps them cool by insulating from the heat, while others think the less hair, the cooler they are during the summer. Which is it?” Are you hearing conflicting information on whether a summer cut is essential for Doodles? Many […]

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Dog “Clipper Guard Size Chart” Experiment on My Doodle Video

Dog Clipper Guard Size chart Experiment on a Doodle

Favorite This Article 2In this article, we are going to compare the different lengths of cuts you can get on your Doodle. Chloe and I did a “clipper guard size chart” experiment to see exactly how each length looks on a Doodle. Dog Clipper Guard Size “Chart” Specifically, we are going to demonstrate: 1-inch clipper […]

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Why in the WORLD Would You “Poodle Your Doodle”?

Favorite This Article 0 I recently came across a thread on Facebook that piqued my interest, especially because of the grooming aspect. Fellow doodle owner Tracy Miller asked the following question: “Why did you decide to get a “Goldendoodle”, “Labradoodle”, “Aussiedoodle”……. ? Was it just because they look like fuzzy bears? Was it a fad […]

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Hot Grooming Style Alert! “The Shaved Goldendoodle”

Favorite This Article 1We heard through the grapevine that there’s a new hot goldendoodle grooming style in town. Chloe’s lifelong trademark has practically been “the shaved goldendoodle”, so we’re honored to hear that her signature look has finally caught on with the masses 😉 Benefits of a Shaved Goldendoodle If your goldendoodle is anywhere near as […]

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Unique Goldendoodle Haircut – the Mohawk (And How to Dye it!)

Unique Goldendoodle Hairstyle-mohawk

Favorite This Article 0Among all the badass grooming styles out there, the mohawk is the goldendoodle haircut that will change your life forever. You will become a more daring and adventurous person and all of your wildest dreams will come true! Okay, maybe not. But, it will make your dood the talk of the town and […]

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