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What is the Raw Dog Food Diet? Benefits, Risks, and Key Ingredients

raw dog food

Favorite This Article 0Raw dog food has become increasingly popular in recent years. Naturally, Doodle owners want to provide their pups with the best food for optimal health and wellbeing. However, this topic has been controversial, as there are many veterinary professionals who advise against it.  Are you thinking about feeding your Doodle raw dog […]

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Parvo In Dogs: Stages, Symptoms, and Treatment

parvo in dogs

Favorite This Article 0Parvo is a highly infectious illness that most commonly affects puppies and unvaccinated dogs. It spreads very easily and may cause severe gastrointestinal complications, which can be fatal for your dog if left untreated.  What is Parvo? Parvo in dogs, also known as canine parvovirus (CPV), is a highly contagious virus that […]

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How Big Do Goldendoodles Get?

How Big Do Goldendoodles Get

Favorite This Article 0Goldendoodles truly come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on a Goldendoodle puppy’s parents, his final adult size could be anywhere from 15 to 90 pounds! So the question of how big do Goldendoodles get can be answered by looking at an individual puppy’s parents. Here’s a brief overview. Goldendoodle Sizes There […]

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Can Dogs Get COVID-19?

Favorite This Article 0We understand there are many questions surrounding your pet’s health right now and it is important to us that we provide you with as many answers as we can. The following information was provided by Midvalley Animal Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Can Dogs Get COVID-19? Based on what we know currently, […]

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