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Is Grain-Free Good for Dogs? The Long Debate

Is Grain-Free Good for Dogs_ The Long Debate (1)

Favorite This Article 0The rising popularity of grain-free dog food is nothing to overlook. Many of us view our dogs not just as pets but as members of the family. So of course, we want to ensure the best quality of care possible to guarantee our pets’ health. One of the main ways we can […]

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Why Do Goldendoodles Smell? 6 Causes and Prevention


Favorite This Article 0Do Goldendoodles smell? Well… Yes! But there are many things you can do to make your fluffy companion smell good. Let’s cover the most common reasons why Goldendoodles might get a bit stinky and how you can avoid it.  Why Do Goldendoodles Smell? 6 Reasons Why do Goldendoodles smell? There are a […]

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Dog Car Sickness: Common Causes and Remedies

Dog Car Sickness_ Common Causes and Remedies

Favorite This Article 2Even though many dogs enjoy car rides, for some Doodles, it might be the exact opposite. Dog car sickness is a common thing – whether it is on a long road trip or just a short ride to the park.   How do I keep my puppy from getting car sick? We’ll answer […]

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Dog Vomiting Causes, Color Meanings, and Remedies

Dog Vomiting Causes, Color Meanings, and Remedies

Favorite This Article 2So, your dog is vomiting. Why does it happen? What should you look out for? When should you call the vet? In this article we’re going to discuss everything related to vomiting in dogs. Let’s get into it. What Causes Dog Vomiting? What causes upset stomach in dogs? As with anything, dog […]

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Dog Diarrhea: A Helpful Guide for Doodles

Dog Diarrhea Guide, Causes, Remedies, and FAQs

Favorite This Article 1Dog diarrhea is a fairly common, but a rather uncomfortable occurrence. There can be many reasons why your Doodle has diarrhea. In this article we’ll go over the most common causes of dog diarrhea, remedies, and what to look out for.  What Causes a Dog to Get Diarrhea? Dogs may experience diarrhea […]

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog? Calculator and Feeding Guidelines

How Much Should I Feed My Dog_ Calculator and Feeding Guidelines

Favorite This Article 1Just like us humans, dogs need a healthy and balanced diet to live a long and fulfilling life. But how much should you feed your dog? How often? And what about puppies? Let’s dive into everything you should know about feeding your dog. At the very end, you can also use our easy-to-use, […]

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Anal Glands: Are They Supposed to be Expressed Regularly?

Anal Glands_ Are They Supposed to be Expressed Regularly_

Favorite This Article 2Are you supposed to express your Doodle’s anal glands regularly? It’s a great question. “Ok real talk….everyone who’s doing the DIY groom, are you expressing the anal glands, because holy hell, I can’t take this smell anymore 😭😭 How do I do this without puking? 🤮” In short, no. Anal glands do […]

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Is Dog Ear Plucking Necessary With Doodles? And How To Do It

Is Dog Ear Plucking Necessary With Doodles_ And How To Do It

Favorite This Article 1As a Doodle owner, I’m sure you are familiar with dog ear plucking. If not, it’s basically a procedure done by groomers or vets to pull hair out from inside the ear canal. It’s typically done by using a hair pulling hemostat (tweezers) or fingers, in conjunction with a specialty ear powder. […]

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Dog Ear Infection Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention for Doodles

dog ear infection

Ear infections in dogs are quite a common problem and numerous causes can contribute to them. Luckily, in most cases they are easily treatable! In this article we’ll talk about dog ear infection symptoms, the causes of ear infections in Doodles, and discuss Doodle ear infection prevention and treatment.

We also cover subjects such as Ear Hair Plucking and answer questions like:
Do I Need to Go to the Vet for an Ear Infection?
How Can I Treat My Dog’s Ear Infection at Home?
What are the Top Dog Ear Cleaner Products?
How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally?
Will a Dog Ear Infection Go Away on Its Own?
When Should I Take My Dog to the Vet for an Ear Infection? […]

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