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Dog Diarrhea: A Helpful Guide for Doodles

Dog Diarrhea Guide, Causes, Remedies, and FAQs

Favorite This Article 0Dog diarrhea is a fairly common, but a rather uncomfortable occurrence. There can be many reasons why your Doodle has diarrhea. In this article we’ll go over the most common causes of dog diarrhea, remedies, and what to look out for.  What Causes a Dog to Get Diarrhea? Dogs may experience diarrhea […]

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog? Calculator and Feeding Guidelines

How Much Should I Feed My Dog_ Calculator and Feeding Guidelines

Favorite This Article 0Just like us humans, dogs need a healthy and balanced diet to live a long and fulfilling life. But how much should you feed your dog? How often? And what about puppies? Let’s dive into everything you should know about feeding your dog. At the very end, you can also use our easy-to-use, […]

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Common Types of Allergies in Dogs – Symptoms and Treatments for Doodles


Favorite This Article 0Just like humans, dogs can have allergies, too. Let’s learn about the most common types of allergies in dogs, the symptoms and treatments to help your Doodle feel at ease.  Types of Allergies in Dogs (Causes of Canine Atopic Dermatitis) If you’re allergic, you probably know that there are many different types of […]

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What Can Dogs NOT Eat? An Overview of Harmful Foods for Doodles

What Can Dogs NOT Eat_ An Overview of Harmful Foods for Doodles

Favorite This Article 2If your dog is experiencing a medical emergency, please seek emergency veterinary care immediately. Dogs do not process foods the same way we do. Some foods that we’re used to eating daily can be extremely dangerous for your Doodle. Here, we’ll answer the very important question of “what can dogs NOT eat”. […]

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What is the Raw Dog Food Diet? Benefits, Risks, and Key Ingredients

raw dog food

Favorite This Article 0Raw dog food has become increasingly popular in recent years. Naturally, Doodle owners want to provide their pups with the best food for optimal health and wellbeing. However, this topic has been controversial, as there are many veterinary professionals who advise against it.  Are you thinking about feeding your Doodle raw dog […]

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