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Dog “Clipper Guard Size Chart” Experiment on My Doodle

Favorite This Article 1In this article, we are going to compare the different lengths of cuts you can get on your Doodle. Chloe and I did a “clipper guard size chart” experiment to see exactly how each length looks on a Doodle. Dog Clipper Guard Size “Chart” Specifically, we are going to demonstrate: 1-inch clipper […]

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How to Trim Your Doodle’s Long Eyebrows Using Scissors

Favorite This Article 0Is your doodle having a hard time seeing because of long eyebrow hair? In this video tutorial, we are going to show you how to do a maintenance groom eyebrow trim. We are going to show you how to trim your doodle’s eyebrows so you can do this for your pup right […]

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D.I.Y. Sanitary Trim for Doodles Using Clippers

Favorite This Article 0In this video tutorial, we are going to show you how to do a maintenance groom sanitary trim. The focus area is around the butt and tail and we will be using clippers. Chloe had been growing her hair out for about three to four months. As you can see in the […]

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DIY Maintenance Grooming: Trimming Around the Eyes

Favorite This Article 0Doodles are well-known for having beautiful, long locks of hair. But if your dood has started running into the walls (…or you), take a good look at his face. Could it be that his long, beautiful hair is blocking his eyesight? If your dood’s face looks anything like the pic above, now […]

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Goldendoodle Grooming at Home: a Step-by-Step Guide!

How to groom a goldendoodle at home: a step-by-step guide

Favorite This Article 2Whether you have a puppy or a 10 year old dood, goldendoodle grooming in the comfort of your own home is a valuable skill. Maybe you’re wanting to reduce your allergies. Maybe he’s a little too shaggy for your liking. Or maybe you just want to save some cash…after all, those trips […]

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“UN-Poodling” My Doodle!

Favorite This Article 0Have you ever gone to pick up your pup from the groomer, and to your dismay your doodle got “poodled”? If only there was a way you could un-poodle your doodle…well, there is! …kind of… 😉 So it may not be possible to un-poodle your doodle immediately after the cut. But the […]

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10 DIY Dog Grooming Tips to Achieve a Successful Groom at Home

10 diy dog grooming tips

Favorite This Article 0Hey Doods! Today we are going to give you some tips so you can achieve a successful full-body groom in the comfort of your own home. See also: Whitney and Chloe’s 11 Doodle Grooming Secrets Tip #1: Plan for a half-day, at least… The one reason that always tempts me into just […]

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DIY Doodle Grooming: Top-Half of the Body

diy goldendoodle grooming video series: top half of the body

Favorite This Article 0Hey Doods! Today Chloe and I are going to show you how to shave the entire top-half of your dog, including the back, back of the neck, chest, and upper hind legs. By the way, this video was shot in first person perspective, so you can see what the groom looks like […]

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Chloe Freaking Out After a Bath – Hilarious!

funny goldendoodle freaks out after a bath

Favorite This Article 0 So Chloe my goldendoodle got a soothing bath recently. She was loving every second of it – the one-on-one attention, the massaging of her entire body with shampoo, and the rinse off with nice, warm water… Well it must have soothed her a little too much because she turned into a […]

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Do doodles love eating VEGETABLES, or is it just Chloe?

Favorite This Article 0Do doodles love eating VEGETABLES, or is it just Chloe? Aside from the occasional snack of grass in the yard, she eats them all. Her favorites are cooked leafy greens, and steamed broccoli and bell peppers. She also loves most fruits. LOL… Chloe eats a veggie. How funny is that? (And before […]

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And to your right we have Chloe in an ugly Christmas sweater

Favorite This Article 0You know how they say dogs have unconditional love for their humans? Well I like to think that one way to find out for sure is to make them wear ugly Christmas sweaters and for your own amusement. LOL! Chloe is so unamused, but she still loves me…right? I know it’s way […]

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Best Brush for Goldendoodles: Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush Review

Favorite This Article 1As all dog parents know, you can’t just settle for any old brush when it’s time for a groomin’. While this applies to any breed, it’s especially true when you have a doodle and need a brush that can effectively manage her thick curls and cords. The best brush for goldendoodles allows you to thoroughly […]

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Best Dog Nail Clippers: Epica Pet Nail Clipper Review

Favorite This Article 0Goldendoodles can be extremely energetic and playful. Chloe is definitely one of them. I like to think that her dad and I keep her pretty active; we frequently take her on long walks around the neighborhood, we go hiking, we play frisbee with her everyday, and she even loves to go paddleboarding! I’m sensing a […]

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