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How (And How NOT) to Tell Your Doodle’s Groomer What You Want Done

How (And How NOT) to Tell Your Doodle's Groomer What You Want Done

Favorite This Article 0As Doodle owners, we’ve all pretty much experienced the shock of picking up a pup from the groomer’s, who…didn’t exactly look like we were expecting. For me, it’s happened multiple times. Call it a right of passage to Doodle parenthood, if you will… How NOT to Tell the Groomer What You Want […]

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Professional Groomers Reveal ALL: “Why We Shave Doodles”

Favorite This Article 0As a follow up to our recent popular public service announcement on why professional groomers are starting to hate doodles and their owners, we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide a little more insight on the subject. As a goldendoodle parent, I find myself part of various doodle-centric Internet forums. On […]

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