Taylor Edwards aka Pups By Taylor

Reported Doodle Scammer in Washington

Website: http://www.pupsbytaylor.com
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A User Says:

I got a dog from a dog breeder in Washington State (Taylor Edwards aka Pups By Taylor in Snohomish WA) with an agreement to have her breed the dog a few times, she keeps/sells the puppies and I get my deposit back and get paid a little at the end. She calls it a “Guardian Dog”.

The breeder came to get our dog to breed her and just simply stole her. She took her for a blood test and then emailed us that she is keeping the dog forever and threatened to call the cops if I came to her house. This person has bred many many dogs in Washington, and we are finding out that she has done this scam to other families. She lost a lawsuit last year and the family involved was granted their dog back. Lawsuits can be extremely expensive, and this breeder has a lot of money behind her as her dogs sell for $4,000 +. She has also tried to blackmail me into not suing her and is simply a volatile person.

In short she is running a criminal enterprise, not a legitimate dog breeding service.

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