Sleepy Doods of the Month… it looks like quarantine is really wearing these cuties out! I think this might be our cutest theme to date 😍

He definitely looks like he’s dreaming of something fun! 😆

It’s a hard life being a doodle!

Napping in the sun… what else is there to do? 😴

How cute is Teddy 😍

Snuggle days are the best days and are happening everyday now 😅

Bathed and ready for bed for this beautiful girl 😍

It’s a hard life watching Netflix all day 😂😴

Quarantine buddies! 🐶🐰

Looks like someones tired of studying… 😴

Another bed day for Beau.

Sofa naps are the best naps, am I right?

Midday snoozing 😴

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