Are you Doodle obsessed and LOVE looking at all the cute, funny, amazing doods out there?

If you said YES then you are going to love this feature. Here are our top 10 Doods to follow on Instagram…

1) Coconut the Doodle

This little miss can be found in the Dog Park in Chicago, Illinois. She’s always looking adorable in her little accessories. If you need a doodle to follow to brighten your day then give Coconut a follow!

2) Telly

Only 17 weeks old and new to Instagram, watch Telly grow into a handsome young Dood.

3) Sunny

Another Doodle pup on our radar. If you’re wanting to overload your IG feed with Australian labradoodle puppy cuteness then Sunny is the Dood to follow!

4) Noah the Mini Dood

Almost turning 1! Noah is a F1b Mini Goldendoodle who loves sticks, peanut butter and walks!

5) Gracie

Gracie is a petite abstract Goldendoodle pup from Pennsylvania. She’s super cute, fun and playful!

6) Leon

Leon is a F1b Mini Goldendoodle from LA! He has us swooning over his IG he’s just so photogenic!

7) Kingston

Of course Kingston gets a mention… This sweet little pup is always on point with his bandanas.

8) Mason

Balls, fetch, dog park or adventuring – you name it he’s doing it. Follow his adventures on IG.

9) Dolly

Dolly is a beautiful little Lhasapoo pup, very photogenic and often pictured with her bestie @molly_the_cavapoo_x.

10) Sherlock

For gorgeous Doodle and Landscape pictures, you must follow Sherlock, an F1 Mini Golden Doodle who is always on an outdoor adventure.

Honorable Mention: Chloe of Doodle Doods!

And of course for your daily fix of all things Doodles make sure to follow our IG page. Chloe, our Goldendoodle runs the page with a little help from me 😉

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