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Hey, Doods! Welcome to Doodle Doods' brand spankin' new Doodle Community Forum, where Doodle parents (and soon-to-be parents) gather and share information about all things Doodles! Please read the Forum Rules and Terms of Use here before posting. BE KIND. NO BASHING. NO NAME CALLING. All Doodle parents should feel welcome here. Respectfully disagree, provide constructive criticism, or move on. If you want to be rude, go to Facebook!!! P.S. We won't ban you for voicing an opinion or talking about controversial Doodle-related issues. (Exception: breeders - anyone who tries to promote litters or puppies ready to go home will be banned. We have marketing services just for that which you can learn more about here.)

Please reach out to an Admin or Moderator if you have questions or see something inappropriate in the forums by tagging "@doodledoods" in a post or reply.

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