I think you’ll love our January Doods of the Month.

Here are their stories…


“Ellie is the smartest, sweetest, most awesome dog. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her as I did when I first saw her :)” – Norma


“I fostered Jasper Labor Day weekend of 2016. From the first few days, I was smitten. He was 8 months and 19 pounds. Needless to say I adopted him. This is my first dog (at age 54) and I could not love him more.

When I got him, his neck was shaved. He had burn marks on his neck apparently from an overused shock collar. A family of four in Brooklyn complained that he barked too often when crated (too long for a pup) so they gave him up to a kill shelter. They could not have been dog people. Their loss was my gain. I so appreciate the hard work Animal Care & Control does in NYC helping find homes for abandoned dogs.

After limping for a while, I found out he has elbow dysplasia in both front limbs. Am hopeful we can alleviate the situation but he isn’t in pain and is the happiest dog I know. The next step is arthroscopy at $4000 a limb (!), so I am so glad I got pet insurance.” – Tracy


“This is my Goldendoodle Elliott! He will be 2 yrs old Feb 26th. He loves Broccoli, carrots cooked or raw. He always runs into the kitchen if he hears the drawer open in the refrigerator that holds the veggies .He likes pretty much all veggies!

He gave me some trouble since I have had him but pleasure too. He ate a pair of my no show socks and how he got them I have no clue. He did throw one of them up but being he was still trying to throw up I took him to the vets and about $300 later he came home without the other sock. He spent the day there, xrays, some stuff to make him vomit well he never did get it out. Finally it got back to his rear close enough for the vet to reach it and pull it out….poor baby…I hurt just thinking about it. He got a hold of 5 months of heart worm meds and ate all of them but luckily he is on Interceptor which is not harmful if overdosed. Always something but I would just die without him. He is so good with my little grandchildren. One will be 2 in March and 1 is 6 months old and Elliott and the 2 yrs old play and play and play…he is so good with him makes me proud!” – Debbie


“Jaimie came into our lives when my 6 year old daughter asked for a dog. My husband had heard of goldendoodle, great nonshedding dogs. Jaimie came from Missouri at 10 weeks, cute as can be!

My daughter, now 19 and away at college missing her, Jaimie has become my valuable companion. She is like my other daughter. She follows me everywhere, wants to eat anything I am eating, takes me on walks (well, I let her take the lead when I am free!) last. Year we moved from Northern California to Hoboken, NJ, across the Hudson from Manhattan. From suburbia to town/city life. Luckily hoboken is full of dog pets, but lacking green grass parks, fields accessible to dogs. (You know a dog us desperate when seeing a single strand of weed growing out of a sidewalk runs to it to sniff and relieve herself! She is getting accustomed to town life in Hoboken.).

She is now 13-1/2 years old and she seems to know I need her so she is keeping herself full of pep, when she is not sleeping 90% of the day! She is my huggable sweetheart!” – Kaeko

Thanks for sharing your stories, doods! It’s so fun to hear about the different backgrounds and personalities of doodles.

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