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Email Ad on DoodleDoods.com

From: $30.00 / month with a 3-month minimum commitment ( $90.00 total )

Reach Doodle-obsessed people directly – get a monthly ad in our email newsletter.



Email is a powerful marketing tool because you can directly reach people who are deeply interested in what you have to say…and they willingly sign up to hear it!

With our Email Ad option, you get a non-intrusive monthly ad in our time-triggered email newsletter. This means that every Doodle-obsessed person* subscribed to our list will see your program, location, and type(s) of Doodle puppies you offer – once a month, no matter where they are in the email series. Great for brand recognition!

*Every person who opens the email. Currently, the average open rate for our email newsletter is 48%, which is 26% higher than the industry average. At this time we have over 13,000 email subscribers. Please check our media kit for the most up to date subscriber count.

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