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How to Care for a Doodle Puppy: Online Course for New Doodle Parents


Survive the first year of Doodle parenthood without pulling your hair out with this valuable online course.


Course Benefits

Join nearly 100 first-time Doodle parents by enrolling in How to Care for a Doodle Puppy. In this course, you will:

  • Learn what important things you need to do before your Doodle comes home
  • Survive Gotcha Day, the first week, and the first year with less stress
  • Know what to expect regarding health, growth and development, and training
  • Be equipped to handle your Doodle’s grooming and coat care requirements
  • Understand how to prevent matting and shave downs

Course Modules

This self-study course covers 50 topics in full detail, including many topics special to Doodles. It is a wonderful resource for detail-oriented people who like to plan and be prepared for everything.

  • Breed-specific information on hereditary health issues, growth patterns, and haircut styles for:
    • Aussiedoodles
    • Bernedoodles
    • Goldendoodles
    • Labradoodles
  • Puppy Growth Stages covering development stages in the first year
  • Things to Do Before Your Doodle Comes Home
  • How to Survive Gotcha Day and the First Week
  • Health and Safety topics, including:
    1. Family Health
    2. Doodle Diseases and Health Issues
    3. Diarrhea
    4. Vomiting
    5. Car Sickness
    6. Allergies in Dogs
    7. Growth and Weight Prediction
    8. Feeding
    9. Fleas And Ticks
    10. Harmful and Toxic Things
    11. Vaccinations
    12. Spaying and Neutering
    13. Going into Heat
    14. Pet Insurance
    15. Dental Care
    16. Fitness and Exercise
    17. Ear Health
    18. Choking and CPR
    19. Tear and Beard Stains
  • Training and Behavioral topics, including:
    1. Popular Training Methods
    2. Training Items You’ll Need
    3. Socialization
    4. Obedience Training
    5. House Training
    6. Crate Training
    7. Leash Training
    8. How to Stop the Biting
    9. Puppies and Kids
    10. Common Issues And How To Tackle Them
    11. Correcting Behavioral Issues
    12. Getting Professional Training
  • Grooming and Coat Care topics, including:
    1. PSA for Doodle Parents
    2. Doodle Coat Types
    3. Grooming Costs and Frequency
    4. Shedding of the Puppy Coat
    5. Brushing
    6. Tips if Your Doodle Hates Being Brushed
    7. Matting
    8. Bathing
    9. Nail Trimming
    10. Eye Trimming
    11. Doodle Grooming Styles
    12. DIY Grooming

You Also Get

  • Free access to our Puppy Growth Tracker
  • Recommendations on Doodle parent-approved pet products throughout the course
  • High-quality printables, including our puppy shopping list, feeding charts, and CPR/Heimlich sheet
  • A discount code for our How to Groom a Doodle at Home online course
  • Free access to our exclusive Doodle Characteristics Survey results
  • A completely ad-free experience
  • Access to the course: any time of day, from any device, forever

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the How to Care for a Doodle Puppy Online Course look like?

The course is formatted in a standard online course layout presented in different modules. It is directly accessible on this website. Inside the exclusive membership area, you will be able to view all content. Your enrollment/membership in this course never expires – log in anytime, anywhere, and view from any device.

What if I hate the course?

If you aren’t happy with How to Care for a Doodle Puppy, just let us know and we will refund your purchase within 30 days, no questions asked.