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So You’re Getting a Goldendoodle – eBook on Raising a Goldendoodle



Going to be raising a Goldendoodle? Need a step-by-step guide to help you give your future four-legged family member his best life?


So You’re Getting a Goldendoodle: A Guide for First-Time Goldendoodle Parents on Raising Puppy From Gotcha Day & Beyond

Brought to you by Doodle Doods, the guide’s 79 pages are easy to read and packed full of tips, practical info, and beautiful imagery. The April 2020 edition also includes visual graphs showing survey results from over 145 Goldendoodle owners, evaluating characteristics from Affection With Family, to Tolerability of Being Alone, to Intelligence, Prey Drive, and Shedding.

Here is an overview of information on raising a Goldendoodle that you will learn in this book:

  • Things To Do Before Puppy Comes Home
    • How to Prepare Your Home
    • Puppy Shopping List

Raising a Goldendoodle ebook preview

  • Top 10 Tips for Gotcha Day/Picking Puppy Up
    • Surviving Puppy’s First Days at Home
    • Sleeping Situations
    • Feeding & Feeding Schedule
  • Puppy’s Health – Get a Sense of How Healthy Goldendoodles are With Survey Results Evaluating General Health and Potential for Weight Gain
    • Diseases and Disease Prevention
    • List of Poisonous Foods, House Plants, and Essential Oils
    • Vaccinations
    • Spaying and Neutering
    • Overview on Pet Insurance
    • Dental Care and Recommended Products
    • Answering the Big Question: How Big Will Puppy Get?
    • Fitness
  • Puppy and Home Life – Get a Sense of How Puppy Will Integrate into Your Family With Survey Results Evaluating Affection With Family, Playfulness, Sensitivity, Tolerability of Being Alone, and Tolerability of Hot and Cold Weather.
    • Family Safety and Correcting Behavioral Issues
    • An Entire Section on Puppy and Kids
    • Top 9 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Behave With Puppy
    • Early Socialization

Raising a Goldendoodle ebook preview

  • Training – Get a Sense of How Easily Puppy Will Take to Training With Survey Results Evaluating Ease of Training and Intelligence
    • Top 11 Tips for Training
    • Top 7 Tips for Teaching Commands
    • Behavioral Tendencies – Get a Sense of a Goldendoodle’s Temperaments that are Affected by Training With Survey Results Evaluating Mouthiness, Prey Drive, Tendency to Bark, and Intensity/Hyperness.
    • Top 7 Tips for House Training
    • Top 7 Tips for Crate/Confinement Training
    • Leash Training
    • Recommendations for Professional Training
  • Grooming and Coat Care – Get a Sense of a Goldendoodle’s Requirements for Grooming and Coat Care With Survey Results Comparing Shedding and Hypoallergenic Levels Between F1, F1B, and F2 Goldendoodles.
    • Your Role in Grooming, Including How to Line Brush and Recommendations for Best Brushes for Goldendoodles
    • Professional Grooming Frequency and Costs
    • Grooming Styles
    • List of Recommended DIY Maintenance Grooming Tools
    • Recommendations for Learning DIY Grooming


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