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Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles: Online Course


Understand how to prevent matting, shave downs, and how to upkeep your Doodle’s nails, coat, eyes, and ears between grooming appointments with this valuable online course.



Course Benefits

Join nearly 100 students by enrolling in Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles. In this course, you will:

  • Be equipped to handle your Doodle’s coat care requirements between grooming appointments
  • Understand how to prevent matting and shave downs
  • Be able to trim your Doodle’s nails with confidence
  • Learn a Doodle’s special requirements for bath time
  • Learn how to care for your Doodle’s eyes and ears to prevent visibility issues and infection

Course Modules

This self-study + instructional video course includes 35 minutes of lecture-style videos with relevant demonstrations, detailed explanations, and tips.

The course modules are as follows:

  • Mats and Brushing
    • What Mats Are
    • The Risks of Matting
    • Which Tools are Best for Brushing a Doodle
    • The Best Way to Brush Your Dood (with video demonstration)
  • Nail Care and Maintenance
    • Why It’s So Important to Stay on Top of Nail Trimming
    • How to Tell If Your Dog’s Nails Are Too Long
    • The Different Ways to Trim Dog Nails
    • Some Nail Trimming Frequently Asked Questions
    • How to Avoid Hitting the Quick
    • How to Use Nail Clippers (with video demonstration)
    • How to Use a Nail Grinder (with video demonstration)
  • Bathing and Blow Drying
    • How Often to Give Your Doodle a Bath
    • Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Your Doodle
    • Things You’ll Need and Useful Accessories
    • Step-by-Step Bath Time Walkthrough (with video demonstration)
  • Grooming Around the Eyes
    • Cleaning the Area
    • Dealing With Tear Stains
    • How to Trim the Hair Around the Eyes (with video demonstration)
  • Ear Care and Infection Prevention
    • Ear Infection Symptoms
    • Causes of Ear Infections in Doodles
    • Products and Tips for Cleaning the Ears
    • To Pluck or Not to Pluck?
    • How to Remove the Hair From Inside the Ears (with video demonstration)

You Also Get

  • Recommendations on Doodle grooming products throughout the course
  • Detailed explanations
  • Full transcription
  • A completely ad-free experience
  • Access to the course: any time of day, from any device, forever

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Upkeep Grooming at Home for Doodles Online Course look like?

The course is formatted in a standard online course layout presented in different modules. It is directly accessible on this website. Inside the exclusive membership area, you will be able to view all videos, transcripts, and related content. Your enrollment/membership in this course never expires – log in anytime, anywhere, and view from any device.

Do I need this class if I already joined other courses?

Everything in this course is also covered in our How to Groom a Doodle At Home course.