Mary Mulkern Verified Purchase

I had been looking at their website for years, and late Jan 2022 an available puppy caught my attention and my heart. I proceeded to fill out the application for adoption and hope with all my heart that someone else hadn’t been matched with her. I had done this three other times and was disappointed because I wasn’t fast enough.

I was surprised to hear back from them within an hour, that all three of the pups I inquired about were available. Multiple emails later over the course of a few hours confirming my first choice of the group, I was matched to the pup of my dreams.  I couldn’t be happier, she is the funniest goofy baby. Crockett Doodles are amazing, they breed great dogs, and are transparent in all their dealings with you.

They sent me updates on her final health check, coordinated her delivery to Massachusetts and I had her by February 15th. They delivery team kept me updated on her travel schedule and updated me to when she would arrive by text messages with pictures. They even apologized profusely when they were delayed a couple of hours because of traffic conditions.

She is the greatest dog and my vet was impressed with all the health information that was supplied by the breeders. She arrived healthy at 6 pounds at eleven weeks old and was already microchipped, with her puppy vaccinations started. She is growing well and following closely to the breeder’s projected size range for a Mini Golden Doodle, 10 months old and 22 lbs now. She is the perfect size for city living and has the greatest temperament, she loves everyone she meets, and excelled in her puppy training class. I  look forward to many more years of life with her.

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