Angela Capetta Verified Purchase

We just got our second doodle from here, they are very kind, very educated and care greatly for their dogs as well as taking great care with our puppy. Their house is massive and its so awesome to see dogs everywhere, a dream job for sure! Very highly recommend them to everyone. When we have room for a third dood we will only go to Brooklea.

Not Recommended

Susan Verified Purchase

The breeder website did look amazing and I believe this breeder probably has done a nice job in the past, however our puppy was severely underweight when we received her at 8 weeks (our puppy was 4 pounds- should have been 8 pounds for the expected adult size of a standard golden doodle) AND 2 days after we received her she was very ill, requiring $900 in vet diagnostics and treatment, only to find out she had giardia. The puppy is adorable, however her coat is patchy (the vet thinks the parasite not only made her underweight but affected her coat growth). This is all annoying and costly but my main reason for not recommending this breeder is the setting and the feeling I got when I picked up our puppy. There was a sign on the door that the owner is ‘armed’ and believes in the 2nd amendment. I was not able to see where the puppies were living, the house was a single floor and very small, she allegedly has 12 dogs living there but I only was handed our puppy rather abruptly. I did not hear or see any adult dogs. I think they are in the basement but no way of knowing for sure. She said she was moving to the southern tier. I just noticed the breeder’s website is down now and her blog is deleted. What does it mean to be an ‘ethical’ breeder? Just that you will take the dog back if the buyer doesn’t want it anymore? I think ‘ethical’ should mean more than that. Breeders should be weighing puppies to be sure they are getting enough food- especially if there is a large litter. Breeders should keep the dogs somewhere with windows. Our puppy is very fearful and I wish I had done more research on breeders and found one who took the time to expose the puppies to sounds and things so they are ready for the world.

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