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My personal experience with Maryland Designer Doodles in Bel Air, MD has not been positive. Lovely puppies indeed. Definitely NOT a back yard breeder. However, ask Breeder to view its current up-to-date USDA and State of Maryland Breeding Licenses. Actually view them. Breeder is NOT a member GANA (Golden Doodle Association of North America) and is not listed as an approved GANA Breeder. Please find a breeder who has ALL the fore mentioned and more. Additionally, get this Breeder’s micro-chip REMOVED from pup during spaying or neutering. Replace it with your own micro-chip of choice. Microchips contains pet’s vaccination information, health records, and YOUR contact information. This Breeders claim about puppy’s micro-chip information is UNTRUE. This Breeder will remain your dog’s PRIMARY Contact and Breeders Vet as SECONDARY Contact. Not YOU. Not YOUR Veterinarian. Buyer will not have access to the micro-chip#. This is a VERY serious issue if your puppy should become a Federally Approved Working Service Animal, an EMS Animal, your Last Will & Testament as listed “property/ownership”, you move out of state or out of the country with the dog. It turns into a total nightmare. No matter how cute these puppies are, please move on to a reputable breeder. This breeder is all fluff & niceness but not reputable.

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