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Hot Grooming Style Alert! “The Shaved Goldendoodle”

We heard through the grapevine that there’s a new hot goldendoodle grooming style in town. Chloe’s lifelong trademark has practically been “the shaved goldendoodle”, so we’re honored to hear that her signature look has finally caught on with the masses 😉

Benefits of a Shaved Goldendoodle

If your goldendoodle is anywhere near as hyper and active as my little Chloe, it’s likely that it doesn’t take long for him/her to get hot. Your pup will thank you for a close shave, especially during the summer months.

Speaking of summer, it’s more likely that you’ll be taking your goldendoodle out to play more often. A shaved goldendoodle will be a lifesaver. Think of all the dirt, leaves, and bugs that would have made their home in your dog’s thick hair. No thanks!

Besides physical and grooming benefits, I personally love the look of a shaved goldendoodle because it really shows off the beautiful shape of the dog.

How to Shave a Goldendoodle

I have an in-depth post about how to groom your goldendoodle at home, but I’ll mention the most useful points of info here.

  • Along with all the typical tools you would need to groom your goldendoodle, I recommend a #10 blade. The #10 blade will leave the hair 1/16 inches long. That’s pretty dang close to bald, if you ask me.
    Hot Grooming Style Alert! The Shaved Goldendoodle
  • Since you’ll be working right on the skin, be careful not to burn your pup with the blade. The blade will get very hot to the touch after a few consecutive minutes of clipping.
    • I’ve found it helpful to take 5 minute breaks when the blade gets super hot.
    • To cool the blade quickly, I will unplug the clipper, detach the blade, spray the blade with cooling spray, and set the blade on top of a ceramic sink (as the sink is usually colder than room temp).
      Hot Grooming Style Alert! The Shaved Goldendoodle
  • If your pre- shaved goldendoodle has long hair, it is likely that you’ll need to go over the dog with the clippers more than once. This will help catch all the long stray hairs and smooth out the cut.

Shaved Goldendoodle Styles

There are tons of variations of the shaved goldendoodle look that you can get on your pup. I’ve tried a few on Chloe, myself, and she always looks adorable.

You could try leaving a mohawk, for example. (Check out all the other hairstyles you can do)

Hot Grooming Style Alert! The Shaved Goldendoodle

Or you could shave the entire body except the ears.

Hot Grooming Style Alert! The Shaved Goldendoodle

You could even leave the tail long, to give a nice accent to the groom.

Hot Grooming Style Alert! The Shaved Goldendoodle

In the end, you should have a goldendoodle that looks as beautiful as this. 🙂 Isn’t she cute shaved?

Hot Grooming Style Alert! The Shaved Goldendoodle

Do you love the shaved goldendoodle look? Or do you prefer the thick hair, teddy bear look on goldendoodles?


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