Stop the Shavedown Shame

And Discover How to Choose the Best Dog Brush, Get Your Dog to Cooperate, and Communicate With Groomers to Get the Exact Dog Haircuts You Want

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Dear Fellow Doodle Parent…

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the constant care and upkeep required to maintain your Doodle’s coat.

No matter how much you love your pup...

…the constant matting and grooming needs can be a real challenge to keep up with.

Maybe you're feeling like...

You’re not doing enough, or like you’re constantly falling behind.

Maybe you’re struggling to keep your Doodle’s coat healthy and beautiful, and you’re not sure where to turn for help.

Maybe You're Just Tired of Feeling Ashamed About All This

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a solution

And the solution is: Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes – the LAST guide owners of these hypoallergenic dogs will ever need for stopping the shavedown shame and taking care of their dog’s coat.

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Here Are The Exact Secrets You'll Discover In This Course:

And Here is the Complete Course Curriculum:


  • What is Coat Care?
  • About Doodle Doods
  • Notes About This Course
  • Public Service Announcement!

Understanding Doodle Coats

  • Parent Breed Coat Structures
  • Doodle Coat Types
  • How To Tell What Adult Coat Your Doodle Puppy Will Have
  • How to Tell If Your Puppy Will Have Furnishings
  • Doodle Puppy Coat Transitioning
  • Issues that May Occur During the Coat Change
  • Doodle Hypoallergenicness + Shedding Cycles
  • Shaving Myths + FAQs
  • Causes of Coat Damage

Best Brushes + Coat Care Products

  • Best Brushes For Doodles
  • How to Choose a Brush
  • Detangler Sprays (Leave-In Conditioners)
  • Shampoo and Conditioners For Doodles
  • Collars and Harnesses


  • What Is Matting?
  • Risks of Not Taking Care of Mats
  • How to Remove Mats – Step By Step
  • How to Prevent Mats

Proper Brushing

  • Brushing: An Overview
  • Brushing Precautions + Prioritization
  • What Improper Brushing Looks Like
  • Proper Brushing: Demo
  • How Often to Brush Your Doodle

Grooming: An Overview

  • Grooming: An Overview
  • Why Grooming Can Be Stressful For Doodles
  • Getting Your Puppy Groomer-Ready
  • When to Start Grooming
  • Grooming Costs and Frequency
  • How Long Does Dog Grooming Take?
  • Bathing Your Doodle
  • Drying Your Doodle

Working With Groomers

  • Finding a Groomer
  • Important Questions to Ask Groomers
  • What Groomers Ask of Doodle Parents
  • How To Avoid Miscommunications
  • Preparing Your Doodle For A Visit To The Groomers
  • What to Do If Groomers Won’t See Puppies Until 16 Weeks

Doodle Grooming Styles

  • Puppy Cut
  • Teddy Bear Cut
  • Kennel/Summer Cut
  • Lamb Cut
  • More Resources
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PLUS, we’ll throw in $520.00 worth of Bonus Materials completely free if you enroll today!

Doodle Parenthood Community and Support Group ($190 value)

Make Doodle parenthood easier for yourself by getting guidance, help with all your questions, and a shoulder to cry on in real-time, from fellow Doodle parents who’ve been in your shoes.

Custom Doodle Coat Care Plan (Lifetime Access) ($75 value)

Take control of your Doodle’s coat care routine in 13 minutes or less per day and never fall behind again!

Easy to Use Doodle Grooming Tracker ($20 value)

Print this out to follow a recommended grooming schedule and help you keep track of when you last brushed and groomed your Doodle.

Important Questions to Ask Groomers Before Scheduling Your First Appointment ($10 value)

Print this out and take notes on what they say to narrow your shortlist down to the perfect groomer for you.

Exclusive Discounts ($85 value)

Get discount codes for our DIY Doodle grooming courses.

Plus a Buncha Other Stuff, Like...

  • 14 Tips For Doods Who Hate Being Brushed ($20 value)
  • Guide to Getting Your Doodle To Behave Better During Grooming ($20 value)
  • Are Short Summer Cuts Necessary? ($20 value)
  • Guide to Removing Burrs, Foxtails, etc. ($20 value)
  • Guide to Treating Tear and Beard Stains ($20 value)
  • Guide to Reducing Shedding + Minimize Allergies ($20 value)
  • Video: 3 Ways to Remove Doodle Leg Snowballs ($20 value)

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To Stop the Shavedown Shame, Discover How to Choose the Best Dog Brush, Get Your Dog to Cooperate, and Communicate With Groomers to Get the Exact Dog Haircuts You Want

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Wait, Was This Course Renamed?

Yes, this course was previously called “Doodle Coat Care Awareness”. However, all the learning content, bonus materials, and your progression through the course remain unchanged.

Is This Online Course The Same As The Book?

There are now two versions of Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes: the online course, and a paperback book.

(This page is for sales of the online course version only. Please check our Amazon listing here to purchase the paperback book version.)

If you purchased the book, there is no need to purchase the online course, and vice versa. The learning content is exactly the same.

However, the online course includes $520.00 worth of bonus materials that are not presently included in the book.

What Does The Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes Course Look Like?

The course is presented in a standard online course format presented in chapters. Your learning experience will be completely ad-free. Your enrollment in this course includes all future updates, and it never expires – log in anytime and learn from anywhere on any device.

Does This Course Apply To [Insert Poodle-Mix Breed Here]?

This course is suitable for ALL Poodle mix breeds including the Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, Aussiedoodle, Labradoodle, Sheepadoodle, Cavapoo, Maltipoo, and Cockapoo. It addresses coat care and grooming topics that are relevant to ALL Poodle-mixes, no matter the size or generation of your dog. So yes, the course applies no matter which Poodle-mix breed you own.

What If I Hate The Course?

If you aren’t happy with Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes, contact us and we will refund your purchase within 30 days, no questions asked.