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Unique Goldendoodle Haircut – the Mohawk (And How to Dye it!)

Among all the badass grooming styles out there, the mohawk is the goldendoodle haircut that will change your life forever. You will become a more daring and adventurous person and all of your wildest dreams will come true! Okay, maybe not. But, it will make your dood the talk of the town and you will definitely turn a few heads. This is one of the most expressive styles out there because of all of the possibilities it gives you in expressing yourself and the energy of your best friend.

How can a dog have a mohawk? Well, because goldendoodles have hair instead of fur you can do all kinds of things to style it similarly to humans. There are a few limitations to the extremeness you can get out of the style, though, because you will want to only use products that will not hurt your dog. Keep in mind that dogs don’t bathe every day like humans so those chemicals stay on their head for longer. This guide will give you some of the do’s and don’ts for your dood’s do.

Unique Goldendoodle Hairstyle-mohawk

All About this Goldendoodle Haircut

When you are getting this goldendoodle haircut you will make the biggest decisions on the style and overall look and feel. This is where personal preferences are going to have the longest lasting effect. Once you cut their hair it will take about 2-3 months before the rest of their hair grows out enough to change the major feel (goldendoodles hair grows roughly at the same rate of humans which is about a half-inch per month). The major decisions will be the width and length of the mohawk. The best look will have a width that matches the distance between their ears, which will pretty much cover the top of their head.

There are three ideal lengths for the mohawk: short, medium, and full-length. Short would be most similar to a human mohawk and only be on the top of the head. Be careful with this one because after a few months it will just become a poofy mess and you won’t be able to tell it began as a mohawk.

goldendoodle short mohawk
Short-length mohawk. Copyright ©

The medium will start at the forehead and move back down the neck and end in the shoulder area. This will look a lot like a horse’s mane, and it actually looks really good on goldendoodles.

Unique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk
Medium-length mohawk. Copyright ©

The full-length mohawk will go from the forehead, down the neck and body, and end at the base of the tail OR end with the tail.

Unique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk
Full-length mohawk. Courtesy of

Do I Brush a Mohawk?

The answer to this question is going to depend largely on the look that you want. After the initial goldendoodle haircut, the hair is going to be very clean and silky smooth. Over time, as they play and run around outside, they will accumulate dirt and oil and their hair will start to clump together. If you like the look they initially had then you will want to brush their hairUnique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk about once a week. However, if you like the full-bodied, corded/dreadlock look then don’t brush it at all. Twirling their hair between your fingers will accelerate the cording process. In the end it largely depends on whether you want the clean, poofy hair-look or if you want the grungy, semi-corded-look.

How to Dye Your Goldendoodle’s Hair

If you own a white or light gold-colored goldendoodle then there are a ton of options for maxing out this goldendoodle haircut. For example, maybe you want to express yourself artistically or bring your dog some holiday cheer, in which case you could dye their hair.

In the beginning of this article we mentioned that you want to limit the chemicals used on your best friend. It just so happens that there is an incredibly cheap and pet-friendly option to enhance your goldendoodle haircut with color: Kool-Aid! Costing around a quarter per packet, this is incredibly cost-effective. Depending on the length of the mohawk you are going to buy more or less. For the short length you only need about 6 packets. For the medium you will need about 12, and for the large you will need around 24. In all this will cost you around $1.50-$6.00.

What You Need

  • Dog
  • Bathtub
  • Patience
  • Kool-Aid (6-24 packets depending on length of mohawk)
  • Cornstarch
  • Stove and a pot
  • Towel that you don’t mind getting colored
  • Conditioner/dog shampooUnique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk
  • Hair comb
  • Cup/bowl/something to pour water with
  • Plastic disposable gloves (recommended but optional)
  • Tiny rubber hair bandsUnique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk – the kind used for braids (optional)

how to dye goldendoodle haircut

Hair Dyeing Steps

  1. Bring about 3 cups of water to a boil and slowly mix in about 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Let it boil until it becomes the consistency of gravy. Add all the packets of Kool-Aid and stir. Let it simmer for a few more minutes until it becomes thick like a runny-paste.
  2. Put your dog in the bathtub and add the Kool-Aid paste to their hair by combing it in gradually. I usually take a spoonful of the paste. slowly pour it onto the hair, and then comb it in. Since Kool-Aid is a food product and theoretically safe, feel free to go all the way down to the roots with the color. I find it best to part the hair every half-inch or so and apply/comb in the color along the part to get the roots. (Try not to get color on other parts of their body or your clothes with the paste because EVERYTHING will stain!)
    TIP: If you get a drop or smudge of color on another part of the dog’s body that you don’t want colored, quickly apply conditioner to the spot/area in an attempt to rub out the color.)
  3. After you have it all in, allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes. Of course, this time is going to largely depend on the patience of your dog. Keep in mind the longer it sits the more brilliant and vivid the color will be.
  4. When either you or your doodle have waited long enough, it’s time to rinse.Try to rinse as quickly as possible avoiding contact with their eyes. It’s worth repeating – just focus on keeping it out of their eyes.
    TIP: This last time, I lathered conditioner all over the “clean” hair surrounding/below the colored area in hopes that the conditioner would just allow the color to wash right over her body during rinsing (so as not to dye it, too). It worked like a charm!
  5. If, for whatever reason the color started to stain other parts of the body (paws, sides, legs, or chest) during rinse-off, just use some conditioner or dog shampoo to wash this off. Don’t be shy with the conditioner. If there is some on their face or ears be sure to use dog shampoo as opposed to conditioner. Use a small amount of the shampoo and a tiny bit of water until the color comes out, then rinse well.
  6. Time to dry off and watch them run around the house flaunting their awesome, new goldendoodle haircut like a maniac. That’s it!

How Can I Add Multiple Colors?

Want to add multiple colors to your goldendoodle haircut? The easiest way to add multiple colors is with the little rubber hair bands made for braids. You’ll need a comb with a pointed endUnique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk or something similar that can be used to part the hair easily. Use it to section off their hair into patches that you want to color a single color. Hold this hair together with the rubber bands. When you finish your little dood will have a bunch of little squares of hair, each will be colored individually as described in the instructions above, and resulting in something like this:

Unique Goldendoodle Haircut - the Mohawk
Copyright ©


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