Promote A Healthy, Cooperative Relationship Between You And Your Doodle Clients

With Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes, you can help your clients feel informed, valued, and eager to return to your salon.

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5 Ways This Book Adds $$$ Value To Your Business

By providing this comprehensive and reputable resource to your Poodle-mix clients, you can…

  1. Decrease Time Spent on Customer Service, freeing up your time for getting more dogs done or other business responsibilities. Time is money, after all!
  2. Reduce Customer Complaints and Refund Requests due to the empowering grooming and coat care knowledge they can use in between appointments.
  3. Increase Referrals and potential clientele, since satisfied customers are more likely to recommend you to their friends, family, and acquaintances, and leave positive reviews online.
  4. Charge More/Upsell them since the book adds perceived value, which can positively impact their willingness to pay a higher price.
  5. Set Your Grooming Salon Apart from others who may not provide such resources, which can justify charging a higher price.

What Groomers Are Saying

These are compliments from groomers for our line brushing video on YouTube.

Dear Groomers and Pet Salon Owners...

There are undeniable challenges that grooming salons face when it comes to managing the expectations of clients, especially those with Poodle mixes and dogs with different hair coats.

Photo courtesy of C&C Grooming (Williamsport, PA)

If you're a professional groomer, you're probably already well aware of the growing tension between groomers and owners of Poodle-mix dogs.

Here at Doodle Doods, a top resource for owners of Poodle-mix dogs, we hear from our readers about some recent bad grooming experience they’ve had, or their dissatisfaction with groomers in general. While we always want our readers to feel heard, we acknowledge that there is a disconnect…and it is 100% understandable why groomers are also becoming increasingly frustrated with Doodle owners.

I suppose you’re on the verge of denying new Doodle clients altogether - I get it.

I know you didn’t sign up for all of this. 

You became a groomer because you love and care deeply about animals.

You did not become a groomer because you love and care deeply about getting yelled at.

But it's time to embrace the truth

Doodles are here to stay. And like it or not, groomers like yourself are on the front lines of this hard battle.

However, consider the possibility that:

  1. Your Doodle clients are not aware that there’s a problem…
  2. Or your Doodle clients know there’s a problem, but they don’t know what the solution is…
  3. And more than likely, no one has taken the time to show or tell them.

As a professional groomer, perhaps it’s in your best interest to turn inward and see if there’s a way to work this out.

There is. It’s our new book "Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes"

Which you can resell at your salon or include in your client onboarding package.

This book is a comprehensive resource that educates owners of Poodle mixes about all things coat care and the overall grooming experience. It helps the layperson understand and master Doodles’ unique coat care requirements, as well as how to better communicate with groomers such as yourself.

And, it can be the perfect tool for optimizing your client onboarding process, enhancing communication with owners of Poodle mixes, and setting clear expectations right from the beginning.

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One of the unique aspects of this book is that it offers a neutral perspective as a third-party resource

Our goal with this book is to bridge the gap between groomers and Doodle parents, promoting understanding and effective communication. By presenting insights, strategies, and practical solutions from an unbiased standpoint, this book helps neutralize the tension that may exist between the two parties. It provides a platform for open dialogue, dispels misunderstandings, and encourages collaboration for the well-being of our furry friends.

Here’s exactly what this book will show your clients:

  • How to Choose (and Properly Use) the Best Coat Care Products】including which consumer-grade brushes, detangler sprays, shampoos, conditioners, and drying items are best for optimal coat care results.
  • How to Safely Clear Out and Prevent Mats】using proper brushing techniques, precautions, and area prioritization to maintain their Doodle’s coat in top condition between grooming sessions.
  • Over 20 Photos of Stunning Doodle Haircut Styles】to give your clients a visual reference to explore different styles. Plus, all photos include exact grooming details for you, their groomer, to follow.
  • How to Communicate Better With Groomers】- Plus, they learn what groomers ask of Doodle parents, and what they should do to avoid being blacklisted.
  • How to Get Their Dog to Ready For Grooming Visits】- Plus, techniques to improve their pet’s behavior during grooming sessions, and how they can help make brushing and grooming less stressful for Doodles.

The book also includes dozens of photos and various video demonstrations to help them understand exactly what to do at home.

create an exceptional customer journey

In short, Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes promotes a healthy, cooperative relationship between groomers and Doodle parents, ultimately benefiting everyone involved. It has practical insights and strategies, which will help you create an exceptional customer journey that will leave your clients feeling informed, valued, and eager to return.

Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes is available for wholesale purchase at a 40% discount, which you can use to resell at your salon or include in your client onboarding package. To place your order, click the “Buy Wholesale Now” button below.

Wishing you grooming success and wagging tails,

-Whitney Holt

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Table of Contents

Section I: Coat Care

  • 1. What is Coat Care?
    • What Is Proper Coat Care?
    • Benefits of Regular Brushing
    • When to Start a Coat Care Routine
  • 2. Understanding Doodle Coats
    • Parent Breed Coat Structures
    • Doodle Coat Types
    • How To Tell What Adult Coat Your Doodle Puppy Will Have
    • Doodle Puppy Coat Transitioning
    • Doodle Hypoallergenicness + Shedding Cycles
    • Shaving Myths + FAQs
    • Causes of Coat Damage
    • Are Short Summer Cuts Necessary For Doodles?
  • 3. Best Brushes + Coat Care Products
    • Best Brushes for Doodles
    • How to Choose a Brush
    • Detangler Sprays and Leave-In Conditioners
    • Shampoo and Conditioners For Doodles
    • Drying Items
    • Collars and Harnesses
  • 4. Matting
    • What Is Matting?
    • Why Does Dog Hair Get Matted?
    • Risks of Not Taking Care of Mats
    • How to Remove Mats: Step-By-Step
    • How to Prevent Mats
  • 5. Proper Brushing
    • Brushing: An Overview
    • Brushing Precautions
    • Prioritize by Area
    • What Improper Brushing Looks Like
    • Proper Brushing: Demo
    • How Often to Brush Your Doodle
    • Tips For Doodles Who Hate Being Brushed
  • 6. Bathing and Blow Drying
    • When to Start Bathing
    • Doodle Bathing Frequency
    • Bathing a Doodle: Step-By-Step
    • Drying a Doodle: Step-By-Step
  • 7. Miscellaneous
    • How to Remove Burrs, Foxtails, etc.
    • How to Remove “Leg Snowballs”
    • How to Reduce Shedding + Minimize Allergies

Section II: Grooming: An Overview

  • 8. Grooming: An Overview
    • Is Clipping The Same As Shaving?
    • Do Doodles Need To Be Clipped?
    • Why Grooming Can Be Stressful For Doodles
    • Getting Your Puppy Groomer-Ready
    • When to Start Grooming
    • What to Do If Groomers Won’t See Puppies Until 16 Weeks
    • Grooming Costs and Frequency
    • How Long Does Dog Grooming Take?
  • 9. Working With Groomers
    • Finding a Groomer
    • Important Questions to Ask Groomers
    • What Groomers Ask of Doodle Parents
    • How To Avoid Miscommunications
  • 10. DIY Grooming: An Overview
    • Pros and Cons of DIY Grooming
    • Cost of DIY Grooming
    • Time Investment
    • Space Needed
    • Mental and Physical Demands
  • 11. Preparing Your Doodle For Grooming
    • Preparing Your Doodle For A Visit To The Groomers
    • Getting Your Doodle To Behave Better During Grooming
    • Tips For Getting Your Doodle to Cooperate/Stand Still
  • 12. Doodle Haircuts + Photos
    • Puppy Cut
    • Teddy Bear Cut
    • Kennel/Summer Cut
    • Lamb Cut
    • More Pictures