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Coat Care Secrets For Poodle Mixes: Paperback Book WHOLESALE


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This is the LAST guide owners of these hypoallergenic dogs will ever need for taking care of their dog’s coat. Empower your clients and customers to take control and master Doodle coat care with this book.

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Table of Contents

Section I: Coat Care

  • 1. What is Coat Care?
    • What Is Proper Coat Care?
    • Benefits of Regular Brushing
    • When to Start a Coat Care Routine
  • 2. Understanding Doodle Coats
    • Parent Breed Coat Structures
    • Doodle Coat Types
    • How To Tell What Adult Coat Your Doodle Puppy Will Have
    • Doodle Puppy Coat Transitioning
    • Doodle Hypoallergenicness + Shedding Cycles
    • Shaving Myths + FAQs
    • Causes of Coat Damage
    • Are Short Summer Cuts Necessary For Doodles?
  • 3. Best Brushes + Coat Care Products
    • Best Brushes for Doodles
    • How to Choose a Brush
    • Detangler Sprays and Leave-In Conditioners
    • Shampoo and Conditioners For Doodles
    • Drying Items
    • Collars and Harnesses
  • 4. Matting
    • What Is Matting?
    • Why Does Dog Hair Get Matted?
    • Risks of Not Taking Care of Mats
    • How to Remove Mats: Step-By-Step
    • How to Prevent Mats
  • 5. Proper Brushing
    • Brushing: An Overview
    • Brushing Precautions
    • Prioritize by Area
    • What Improper Brushing Looks Like
    • Proper Brushing: Demo
    • How Often to Brush Your Doodle
    • Tips For Doodles Who Hate Being Brushed
  • 6. Bathing and Blow Drying
    • When to Start Bathing
    • Doodle Bathing Frequency
    • Bathing a Doodle: Step-By-Step
    • Drying a Doodle: Step-By-Step
  • 7. Miscellaneous
    • How to Remove Burrs, Foxtails, etc.
    • How to Remove “Leg Snowballs”
    • How to Reduce Shedding + Minimize Allergies

Section II: Grooming: An Overview

  • 8. Grooming: An Overview
    • Is Clipping The Same As Shaving?
    • Do Doodles Need To Be Clipped?
    • Why Grooming Can Be Stressful For Doodles
    • Getting Your Puppy Groomer-Ready
    • When to Start Grooming
    • What to Do If Groomers Won’t See Puppies Until 16 Weeks
    • Grooming Costs and Frequency
    • How Long Does Dog Grooming Take?
  • 9. Working With Groomers
    • Finding a Groomer
    • Important Questions to Ask Groomers
    • What Groomers Ask of Doodle Parents
    • How To Avoid Miscommunications
  • 10. DIY Grooming: An Overview
    • Pros and Cons of DIY Grooming
    • Cost of DIY Grooming
    • Time Investment
    • Space Needed
    • Mental and Physical Demands
  • 11. Preparing Your Doodle For Grooming
    • Preparing Your Doodle For A Visit To The Groomers
    • Getting Your Doodle To Behave Better During Grooming
    • Tips For Getting Your Doodle to Cooperate/Stand Still
  • 12. Doodle Haircuts + Photos
    • Puppy Cut
    • Teddy Bear Cut
    • Kennel/Summer Cut
    • Lamb Cut
    • More Pictures

  • ISBN: 979-8-218-20830-1
  • Print length: 153 pages
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: May 17, 2023
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.35 x 11 inches
  • Suggested retail price: $22.99 per copy

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