Finding a Breeder

You’re ready to take the leap and get a Doodle puppy! Now what? You have to find a breeder! But not just any breeder…in this section, learn how to buy from a responsible Doodle breeder and how to avoid scammers.

How to Avoid Doodle Scammers

Doodles are highly sought out and sold for designer prices. Unfortunately, this demand comes with the risk of some very dishonest people (Doodle scammers) out there looking to outright steal your money.

Luckily, there are some red flags you can look out for and things you can do to make sure you’re buying from a responsible and reputable breeder. This article aims to educate future Doodle buyers on how to know who can be trusted versus who’s trying to cheat you out of your money. This includes understanding what puppy mills are and how to avoid those.

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How to Choose a Responsible Breeder

Not only is choosing a responsible breeder in your own and your new four-legged family member’s favor, it also ensures that you do not support unqualified breeders and puppy mills who are doing this for all the wrong reasons and bringing unhealthy Doodles into the world. So what do you need to look out for in a breeder? Here are the most important boxes your breeder should check!

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Breeder Directory

Let us help you in your endeavors to bring home the most perfect of doodle puppies. On this page you can search specifically for doodle breeders in your state, as well as nationwide.

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