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Working With Groomers


Read what one groomer had to say about Doodles (and their owners), and become aware of the one thing that is super important for keeping a Doodle’s coat long.

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How to Communicate With Your Groomer

What is the best way to communicate with a groomer on what you want done on your Doodle? Read this article to find out.

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“Why We Shave Doodles”

In this article, professional groomers reveal why they sometimes opt for shaving down a Doodle.

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Styling Your Doodle

Need some inspiration on how to get your Doodle’s “do” done at his next groomer visit? Look no further than our huge collection of haircut pictures.

Doodle Body Styles

If you’re going to be getting your Doodle groomed soon, this page is a great visual resource for helping you choose which of the various Doodle haircuts to give him.

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Doodle Haircut Variations

In this article, we teach specific grooming terminology and provide #inspo pictures galore!

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Working With Groomers


Doodle Haircut Styles