Proven Results: Real Success with Our Packages

"One pup from your referral found a home!"

“I see there were postings for us the second and third week of July. Many thanks. One pup from your referral found a home!”

– Noel K., VIP Breeder (sold within 1 month)

"We did sell one puppy, confirmed"

“Yes, I can see the traffic on my end as well and it is performing well. We did sell one puppy, confirmed…Overall I am happy with the results…Thanks again”

– JW, VIP Breeder (sold within 3 months)

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Benefits of Marketing Your Breeding Business

Boosted Visibility

Elevate your brand in a crowded market.

Targeted Audience

Reach those genuinely interested in your breed.

Credibility Boost

Our vetted recommendation sets you apart.

Maximize Reach

From social media to search engines, be where your audience is.

Optimized ROI

Maximize each dollar for better placements and meaningful interactions.

Steady Growth

Consistent marketing fosters long-term business success.

Unlock the Power of Marketing

Forging the Link Between Passion & Promotion

Born from a shared love for Doodles and an expertise in marketing, our team is dedicated to bridging the gap between dedicated breeders and potential forever homes.

Our Mission

To empower every responsible Doodle breeder to maximize their online presence. We believe in creating tailor-made marketing solutions that not only showcase the uniqueness of each breeding program but also ensure that every puppy finds its perfect match.

Our Services: Overview

Sponsored Placements Tailored Just for Breeders

Explore our suite of sponsored placements, hosted on our esteemed website and social media platforms — all crafted with precision for breeders seeking distinction.

Psst! Want the numbers? Check out our media kit to see the vast audience you’ll tap into!

International Directory Listing

  • Secure a spot on our sleek, mobile-optimized site – for free!
  • Earn our “Recommended Breeder” badge upon approval to flaunt on your site, emphasizing your dedication to ethical and superior breeding.
  • VIP Perk: Top placement in your state/region. (Note: Listings revert upon service cancellation.)

Breeders may have up to 3 free listings if operational in multiple states/regions. Multiple Mid-Tier and Top-Tier (“Featured”) listings available to approved breeders.

View Directory

Banner Ad

  • Showcase a photo of your puppies on high-traffic, breed-specific pages.

Photo is placed in a sponsored block spotlighting 4 breeders together, who are randomized on refresh.

View Example

Written Advertorial

  • Land a spot in the “Top Ethical Breeders” for your region.
  • Boosted by top-tier SEO for peak visibility.
  • VIP Perk: Take the #1 spot!*

*Yours until a new breeder joins or a paying client claims it. Top spots and additional Advertorials in other states/regions available to approved breeders.

View "Top Ethical Breeders" Series

Newsletter Feature

  • Weekly Regional: Reach all subscribers in your region over a 5-week period.
  • Monthly National: Reach our entire subscriber list once per month.
Additional regional and national spots available to approved breeders.
View Examples of National Broadcasts

Social Media Boost

  • Monthly posts on Doodle Doods’ Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter/X, Threads, and Facebook.
  • VIP Perk: Bonus 30-sec Intro Video on Doodle Doods’ Instagram Reels, Pinterest, TikTok, & YouTube Shorts.
Additional Intro Videos available to approved breeders.
View Examples on Instagram

Upgraded Services

Previously approved breeders: explore our full suite of upgrades and add-ons!

Choose Your Package: Elevate Your Breeding Brand in 3 Tiers

1. Starter:
Gateway to Digital Visibility

2. Social:
Engage & Expand

3. VIP:
Ultimate Visibility & Engagement

Charting Success

Delve into the numbers and discover the impressive monthly referral averages each of our packages yields. Where do you see your breeding business on this scale?

Package Comparison

1. Starter 2. Social 3. VIP
Directory Listing Bottom-Tier Mid-Tier Top-Tier (“Featured”)
Recommended Breeder Badge
Social Media Posts
  • Instagram (Post + Story)
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter/X
  • Threads
  • Instagram (Post + Story)
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter/X
  • Threads
30-Second Intro Video
  • Instagram (Reel)
  • YouTube (Short)
  • TikTok
Banner Ad
Written Advertorial
Newsletter Feature
  • Weekly Regional
  • Monthly National
Performance Report
Affiliate Boost 10% higher commission rate
Price, Monthly Free $49 per month $199 per month
Price, Yearly Free Limited Time Offer:
$294 per year
(12 months for the price of 6!)
Limited Time Offer:
$1,194 per year
(12 months for the price of 6!)
Apply For Starter Apply For Social Apply For VIP

Not sure which suits you best?

Connect with our team to tailor a package that matches your unique needs and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we embark on this journey together, there’s a simple application process in place. After the initial application, you’ll need to be pre-approved and submit your directory listing details.

This process helps ensure we’re working exclusively with breeders who demonstrate responsible and ethical practices. Paid or not, every directory listing submission undergoes a thorough review. Once approved, we’ll collaborate closely to get your listing live, as well as start the onboarding process for Social and VIP clients.

If for any reason we determine that our platform isn’t the right fit for your marketing needs, rest assured, we’ll refund your order in full.

For a successful listing, please be prepared to upload a valid health testing document. A single document for one parent dog is sufficient. Listings without this document won’t be published.

We accept DNA Testing documents on parent dogs from any OFA Approved Laboratory, including but not limited to Embark, Paw Print Genetics, PennHip, Van Haeringen, Biofocus, Pet Genetics, Orivet, and Genomia.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide basic business information such as your business name, location, contact details, etc. To ensure your listing stands out and is as engaging as possible, we strongly encourage uploading a profile photo. A captivating image can make a significant difference in attracting potential puppy buyers!

No, if you’ve been previously approved, there’s no need to reapply! Feel free to explore our full suite of services, upgrades, and add-ons below. We’re eager to continue working with you!

If you’ve previously applied and currently have a directory listing with us, congratulations! You’re already approved. Only breeders who’ve gone through our application process and have an active directory listing are deemed approved.

The placements are sponsored and exclusively hosted on our platform. We do not create content for, or manage, your individual accounts; our focus is to showcase your breeding program on our established platform.

We believe in flexibility for our clients. There’s no long-term commitment required. All our packages operate on a subscription basis, and you’re free to cancel anytime. However, it’s worth noting that the longer you remain subscribed, the greater your chances of selling puppies. Consistent exposure over time boosts brand recognition and trust among potential buyers, leading to better results.

In the event of a failed payment, we provide a 3-day grace period for resolution. If the payment issue isn’t resolved within these three days, please be advised that we will cancel and remove all of your placements after the 3rd day. We recommend ensuring your payment details are up-to-date to avoid any interruptions to your service.

Once you’re on board, we’ll request photos and videos for your placements. Kindly note that it can take up to a week for all your placements to be published and go live. When it comes to social media posts, the timeline extends up to four weeks for them to be posted. We’re dedicated to ensuring quality and alignment with our standards, so we appreciate your patience. If you’re in urgent need to sell all your puppies immediately, please understand our service might not be the quickest solution.

Our team directly manages all marketing activities associated with your account. This is not an automated service – our clients get personalized attention and may request changes to their placements at any time.

We will also analyze the performance of your placements and if necessary, communicate with you our recommendations to make them more effective. We are committed to maximizing results and making sure you are happy with our services.

Each month, we’ll touch base with you for fresh photos or any new litter announcements. It’s crucial for us to stay updated to provide the best placements. Plus, when it comes to your social media post drafts, we expect you to actively review and provide feedback. Our collaboration ensures your brand is showcased in the best light!

For your convenience, we maintain records of all your placements in an online file. You can access this file at any time to review and keep track of your placements with ease.

Think of our services similarly to how you’d approach ads on Facebook or Google: we channel traffic to your website, leaving it to the consumer to decide if and when to engage.

However, there’s a distinct advantage with us. Our audience is tailored, consisting of individuals specifically keen on understanding more about Doodles, the breeding process, and where to get a puppy. This focused audience provides a more targeted approach than the broader platforms like Facebook or Google, enhancing the potential for meaningful engagement.

Remember, any results we’ve showcased from our breeder marketing services stem from actual client experiences, but they might not be typical and can’t be guaranteed. Factors influencing results include the breed you focus on, your location, and the overall market demand. External platforms, such as Google or Instagram, might modify their algorithms, potentially impacting client results.

To best measure the impact of your ads, we recommend asking puppy buyers directly how they discovered you.

For a deeper dive into the metrics, our VIP package includes a detailed Performance Report every month, highlighting the volume of traffic directed your way. We rely on sophisticated tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to present these insights. It’s always a good practice to corroborate these figures using your own analytics tools.

Our package offerings may evolve over time to best serve our clients. While these inclusions can change without prior notice, rest assured that existing clients will remain on the plan they initially signed up for, ensuring no unexpected changes. If any modification is desired, just let us know!

Due to the unique and specialized nature of our services, all offerings are non-refundable once your ads are placed. We’re committed to delivering value and quality, so we encourage you to reach out with any concerns or questions before making your final decision.

Absolutely! We provide exclusive rates for members of certain partner breed associations, such as WALA*. If you’re a member of a breed association not yet partnered with us, we encourage you to inform your association’s board.

Additionally, our yearly plans offer significant savings and is an excellent deal for breeders looking for long-term visibility.

Finally, breeders are invited to join our affiliate program. By referring other breeders or clients to our services, you can earn commissions. Over time, these earnings could significantly offset or even cover the cost of your package. At this time, VIP clients earn a bonus 10% above the regular affiliate rate. It’s a win-win opportunity to both spread the word and benefit financially!

*WALA members: please refer to your Member Perks page for your exclusive sign-up page and coupon codes.