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Doodle Characteristics Survey Data: Membership


Determine which type of Doodle is the best fit to join your family by learning how popular Doodles compare across 37 characteristics based on 1,000 owners’ feedback.

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Membership Benefits

Join over 100 people by joining our Doodle Characteristics Survey Data membership. With this membership, you will determine which type of Doodle is the best fit to join your family by:

  • Viewing the results of our ongoing Doodle Characteristics Survey (contributed by nearly 1,000 Doodle parents to date)
  • Learning how four of the most popular Doodle breeds compare
  • Understanding how each of them differ between generations (F1 vs. F1b), per characteristic


This membership gives access to the results of our ongoing Doodle Characteristics Survey. Learn how Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles compare across the following 37 characteristics:

  1. Health and Grooming
    1. Amount Of Shedding
    2. Hypoallergenic-ness
    3. Drooling Potential
    4. Ease of Grooming
    5. General Health
    6. Potential For Weight Gain
  2. All Around Friendliness
    1. Affection with Family
    2. Kid Friendliness
    3. Dog Friendliness
    4. Cat Friendliness
    5. Friendliness Toward Strangers
  3. Trainability
    1. Ease of Training
    2. Intelligence
    3. Potential For Mouthiness
    4. Prey Drive
    5. Tendency To Bark Or Howl
    6. Wanderlust Potential
  4. Exercise Needs
    1. Energy Level
    2. Intensity
    3. Exercise Needs
    4. Potential For Playfulness
  5. Adaptability
    1. Adaptability to Apartment Living
    2. Good for Novice Owners?
    3. Sensitivity Level
    4. Tolerability of Being Alone
    5. Tolerability of Cold Weather
    6. Tolerability of Hot Weather
  6. Behavioral
    1. Destructiveness
    2. Behavioral Issues
    3. Food Motivation
    4. Food Aggression
    5. Ingestion of Non-Food Items
    6. Aggressiveness
    7. Separation Anxiety
    8. Anxiety Toward Groomers and Vets
    9. Anxiety Toward Loud Noises
    10. Enthusiasm Toward Water

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