Deb G. Verified Purchase

After purchasing a puppy six years ago needing a hip replacement we decided to research breeders prior to adopting again. I reported the irresponsible breeder to this organization yesterday. This is obviously not part of my recommendation but insight on my determination to not support breeders who are not responsible. 

My HIGH recommendation

I was highly recommended by several members in a few golden-doodle groups to contact Patti Meg, her business is Briar Ridge Puppies in Hummelstown, PA. Patti is a responsible breeder, she health tests as well as genetic tests on all dogs prior to breeding. We were very impressed when we picked up our new puppy at her home. In this time of Covid what would been her “normal  procedure” had to be changed. Patti Meg’s standard at about six weeks had to be put on hold. Patti would welcome those who are adopting to go to her home to an outdoor area to interact with the puppies for socialization. We also had to choose our puppy from a video of each puppy, a few videos were posted identifying each puppy by their fleece/felt color to see them “in action“ to identify someone of their personality and FaceTime. It wasn’t ideal but safe and responsible. The puppies have a clean and well organized area the puppy litters. The puppies have easy access to a connected/fenced area outdoors. In addition to Patti being a very responsible breeder, she uploads a plethora of files for each person that purchases a puppy to include a massive file for training to help new owners continue training their puppy. We have our puppy one week and two days and she has already demonstrated what they were training which was tap the door to go outside for #1 and 2, We are definitely reinforcing that as we take her outside.

We are very pleased with their dedication to breed healthy puppies. In addition to Goldendoodles, Patti also breeds Bernedoodles. Her website is very impressive to include a mission statement explaining why Patti and her husband chose to be breeders. Take some time to visit her website, her dedication to breeding healthy puppies and her website gave me confidence I met a responsible breeder.

Most sincerely,

Deb G.

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