Cheryl Lynn

I am a groomer and have groomed MANY of Double U Doodles breeders and puppies. I don’t generally recommend breeders, especially doodles, because so many don’t have any real breeding standards. Double U Doodles are different. Their dogs are not only the most gorgeous doodles I’ve ever seen, but they are also consistently well-mannered and healthy. Just for example, currently in SC we’re having an epidemic of skin allergies in dogs. Yet, not one of the Double U Doodles that I groom has shown any signs of even a hot spot. Their coats are consistently healthy and they are genetically bred to have straighter hair. Which means less matting, easier coat care and, ultimately, the owners are able to keep their dogs in a longer coat, if that’s what they like. They are also bred with temperament in mind. This is where Double U Doodles really stand out. A poorly bred doodle can be a real challenge on the grooming table. But, Double U Doodles are always calm and patient while being groomed. Even the puppies! These are all signs of superior breeding. If you saw as many doodles on a daily basis as I do, you could see the difference. I never recommend my clients purchase a Doodle from anywhere except Double U Doodles!

Not Recommended


Our Experience – BEWARE Double U Doodles!

We were happy to welcome a doodle pup to our family and thought everything with the breeder looked legitimate. Outwardly, it does look legitimate – they seem to be everywhere on social media and have a nice website and initial interaction is friendly. It seems they ride the line looking legitimate and even above and beyond on the outside but seems to be something else underneath. There were so many red flags which I should not have ignored.

They have tons of litters arriving all of the time and we never get to see the home life – where the puppies live. I did receive texts here and there with a photo or a video so I thought that seemed legitimate but I wonder now if that was the only time the puppy got to be outside. They didn’t ask any new owner questions and there were no waiting lists – just tons of puppies available. Worse yet, their “guarantees” are very limited and filled with caveats which don’t provide much support. They never seemed to know the names of the puppies (of course not – there are too many!) and never really discussed temperaments – only esthetic features. I was told to stop overthinking the decision and I definitely got the push to buy buy buy now. Another red flag – they listed the puppy go home date well before 8 weeks on their website too.

Then they wanted us to pay before we even saw the puppy. When we arrived, they brought the puppies to a separate location but we were not allowed to see where they were raised. It was definitely very rural. We were a little more concerned at this point and quickly went to our first vet visit only to find the puppy has parasites which the vet said definitely came from the breeder – either the mother or the breeder home environment. Since then, we have heard from quite a few people who bought from Double U Doodles and had similar experiences including someone just last week filled with parasites and worms which our vet said should not happen at this very early age. The enormous expense of the puppy, transportation for pickup and now the extensive looming vet bills – watch out. I wish I had AVOIDED Double U Doodles.

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