Davon Jackson Verified Purchase

We are so happy and appreciative for Liz and Grace Springs Goldendoodles. Her willingness to address every question and request made the whole process of finding our Mini Goldendoodle stress free and allowed us to focus on the fun of welcoming our new puppy home. Pricing in this market is more than fair plus we were put at ease with a reasonable health warranty policy that was straightforward to follow. We also received our puppy with a clean bill of health so the warranty wasn’t even necessary. We’d 100% recommend Liz and Grace Springs to anyone looking to find their Goldendoodle.



We adopted our mini Goldendoodle from Liz when our pup, Penny, was about 10 weeks old. Liz was wonderful through the process – she posted regular videos of the puppies and shared information about the pups’ progress and growth. I could see the knowledge, love and care that went into raising each puppy in the litter And, it was clear to me that raising the pups was happening in Liz’s home, with her family/kids around all of the time. When Liz says she offers support to pet parents she truly means it. I’ve contacted Liz since adopting Penny with little questions here and there and she always answers with care and any information she can provide. Obviously when you first adopt a puppy there are trips to the vet for wellness checks and shots and every time we have gone in I’m so happy to hear that everything looks “great” – Penny is a very healthy puppy. And Penny is also a really happy puppy. The vet and groomer have told me how well she does during visits – she’s calm and loves people. Meeting people on the street is one of Penny’s favorite activities. She was clearly raised with love and with very positive human interactions in an emotionally supportive environment that enhanced her overall development. I’m passionate about dogs and deeply committed to responsible, caring, thoughtful breeding. Liz is such a great representative of this, and we’re so happy that Penny joined our family.

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