Marty Peterson Verified Purchase

I am coming from a place where we had just lost our 12 year old beloved golden doodle to cancer. He was a rescue. He had had so many chronic skin and ear issues over the years. It was exhausting, expensive and he had to suffer through a lot of it. Lots of tests over the years never fully disclosed the cause of his allergies.

This next go around, I decided not to rescue. I did a lot of research on different breeders hoping to find one that worked diligently to breed golden doodles without problems. I have a college friend who got her doodle from Harmony Doodles. They had a great experience with their dog. So after months of research, I decided to go with Harmony.

We have been so very happy with our decision. Blue, our male F1b doodle is two and a half now. He is without a doubt one of the biggest joys of our family of 5.  He has an amazing, sweet disposition, he has had no allergies or ear infections to date, no issues with joints or hips at all.  He literally has the softest coat of any dog I have had in my 53 years on this earth! He adores us, loves to snuggle, loves to play ball and is eager to please.  We are so happy that we went with Harmony Doodles and will without a doubt go back again if we decide to get a second dog. Blue has my whole heart!

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