Not Recommended


I drove to Monroe in mid October to meet some puppies. There was a female dog there named Penny Lane that I was told was the favorite but that all the puppies were spoken for. After driving over an hour I was disappointed to learn that the puppies I came to see were mini’s. I had told Phil I was in the market for a full size. He said that even though Penny Lane‘s puppies were all spoken for if I made a deposit he could arrange for me to get one. I was swayed into making a deposit and then a few weeks later my chronic health issue became very serious and I contacted Phil to let him know that my circumstances had changed. I asked what the policy was on deposits because there was nothing available on his website where I made the deposit. He assured me that it was no problem and that he understood and would return my deposit just as soon as my puppy was sold. I had sixth pick. I have had to contact him five or six times since October and still to date have not been given my deposit back. He has promised me on three separate occasions that he was putting the check in the mail that week. Several months into this disaster, he also began responding to my inquiries as to the whereabouts of my refund about how most breeders would never give a deposit back. I am so confused after making a deposit on a puppy that had not even been born, being told that they were all spoken for, and then having to wait over three months to be lied to and even made to feel guilty for becoming sick. I would not recommend this breeder whatsoever. He shared with me that he had mixed up one of the puppies and was trying to figure out which mom it belonged to because he literally had two huge litters at one time after Penny Lane had her puppies. It did not give me a good feeling! Beware.

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