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I will refer to the breeder we just bought a goldendoodle puppy from as the “responsible breeder” and the one we bought a puppy from 6 years ago that sold us a puppy with bilateral congenital hip dysplasia as the “irresponsible breeder” to keep the facts straight.

I saw an advertisement for someone selling golden doodles on a FB group titled “Everybuddy’s Doodles”. We traveled to Western Pennsylvania, midway between Pittsburgh and Erie from Mohnton, PA; south of Reading. We were asked to meet the “irresponsible breeder” at a restaurant for OUR convenience since she was meeting others to pick out their puppy in different locations. We sure appreciated the one hr. further distance she saved us! We returned to the same location two weeks to pick her up, cash only. The irresponsible breeder urged us not to overrun her, still no red flags on our point. At this point red flags should have been dumping on us. We were ignorant of what is lawful. Before Marlee was a year old we noticed she would play very hard then all of a sudden she would drop to the floor, as though she was exhausted. Going forward about one year later we had her to the groomer, she noticed the muscle was wasting on her right hip. We took her to our veterinarian the next day. Marlee was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia on both hips, the R hip was much worse. We were referred to a specialist near King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; VCA. Marlee was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. The R hip replacement surgery was performed 2 weeks later, the total with surgery and our vet totaled close to $9000. The socket was almost worn completely through by the ball, it made me SICK to realize the pain she endured. The Orthopedic surgeon commented it was one of the worst he ever saw on such a young dog. I contacted the breeder to inform her of what was happening. When she found out what the estimate was for the surgery she promised to help pay the bill. After many inquiries to help she refunded us what we paid. I now know that she’s only obligated to refund us the purchase price of the puppy or we would have the option of surrendering Marlee, which I would never do. We had one year to pay the bill off with CareCredit or they would add the interest on the total amount financed. I asked that she please contact all the owners of the litter mates so they get their puppy check, I highly doubt she did. And one of the Goldendoodle Facebook groups someone was commenting that her Goldendoodle needed a hip replacement. She was asking if anyone had any experience in this and how was the outcome. I interjected and gave some what and of information but did not divulge the breeder. I received a message back from a daughter of a woman who I was having a conversation with she stated that her and her mom both had golden doodles from a particular breeder and between the two of them they adopted three dogs so it turns out all three dogs needed hip replacements. It was no surprise to me that they were referring to “the irresponsible breeder”.

Going forward, I got to know lotta people in the golden doodle sites that have puppies that were very healthy and in discussing my experience without divulging any names I was referred to the breeder we just used her first name is Patti, I contacted her about adopting a puppy 1-1/2 years ago but all of her upcoming litters were spoken for.

I ended up telling “The responsible breeder” of my experience we had with “the irresponsible breeder”. Patti, the “responsible breeder”; does health checks and genetic testing on every dog prior to breeding. She came highly recommended by many “friends on FB”. When I told “The responsible breeder” of my experience she informed me she was working with a dog warden in Pennsylvania for years trying to get her shut down. Unknowingly “The responsible breeder” sold one of her puppies to “The irresponsible breeder” years ago and found out “she bred the you know what out of her”. I was given 9 additional names of people that also bought puppies from the “irresponsible breeder”, within the nine people I was in contact with and 2 chose not to be involved, there were 13 puppies/dogs with congenital hip dysplasia from the “irresponsible breeder”. As far of a timeline all these puppies were sold to myself and others within a 1 to 5 year timeline and each person informed the “irresponsible breeder”. The “responsible breeder” we just bought a puppy had informed me there aren’t enough dog wardens in the state and that the only charge against her was not having a license to sell puppies. It is found to be that she sold over 100 puppies in a year, in Pennsylvania you are only able to sell eight puppies in one year if you do not have a license for breeding.

She announced in the Everybuddy’s Doodle group that she and her party were moving to Ohio. I will note she continues to sell puppies. It was implied she was working as a puppy broker. Some of the puppies I saw looking on her Facebook group people questioning where they really a golden doodle, some had no similarities. I hesitate to put her name her but I will, Terry Lippert, runs the group.

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