Megan Verified Purchase

When I started the process of looking for a bernedoodle, I really wanted to go with someone who had references so this is for all those who want a detailed reference! The owner of Vidadoodle, Julie, immediately called me after my email inquiry. That alone was different from other breeders. Other breeders “put their puppies first” but I found sometimes this means very little communication with you. I had questions as a first timer and talking to Julie over the phone put me at ease. After putting down a deposit and as time went on, Julie exceeded all expectations. It is hard to be patient while you wait on a list for a puppy, but you can’t predict nature and Julie is so easy to get in touch with, honest and transparent. She was very responsive via text/email throughout the entire process. When the puppies were born, she gives you access to view the puppies on camera. It was absolutely awesome to see them on camera. You could tell they were well cared for and helped the connection we had to the puppies from birth. My kids loved it! She exposes the puppies to early scents and stimulation and initiates crate training and potty training. At seven weeks the puppies undergo temperament testing. Julie helps you pick the perfect puppy for your individual needs based on their temperament but they are all really amazing puppies because the moms and dads are tested and have great temperaments! I am often in touch with Julie to share pictures and proud moments of our puppy. She wants you and your pup to succeed and is partnered with helpful trainers as well. I really can’t say enough. It was the best experience I could have asked for. I hope this helps!

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