If you’re looking for fun things to do with all the family (including the hairier ones), you’ve come to the right place. These are our top suggestions for activities for dogs – fun things you can do with your Doodle at home and outdoors.

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A walk in the park may be good for everyone, and let’s face it, your dog will love anything you do together, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little, right? Whether you and your tribe enjoy active weekends or more mellow fun with some exercise thrown in for good measure, getting your pup in on the act is always a good idea. Not only can it help temper their energy levels, but it can also better the bond between you and boost the enjoyment of the entire experience for all involved. 

Why Playing With Your Dog is Important

If asked to list the more crucial aspects of dog ownership, play may not even rate for you – exercise, sure – but not play. That’s not surprising. Play is often overlooked by owners, yet it couldn’t be more crucial for your pet’s well-being. Not only do games and fun offer significant physical health benefits (for you and your dog), but mental ones too (again – for YOU and your dog). They are also great for keeping behavior in check and helping avoid troublesome issues like barking and chewing.

Play has a crucial role in forming the behavior of puppies. It’s essentially how they learn to be dogs. It’s also important for older pups. As a Doodle owner, you already know these are pretty smart pups. Depending on the other breed in the mix, they can also be very rambunctious. If you don’t find ways to keep them entertained, they will find their own fun. Fair warning, you probably won’t like what they choose to do! That’s where toys and games come into play (if you’ll pardon the pun). 

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Playtime for Bonding and Teaching

A further benefit of play is that it helps with socialization and establishes a stronger relationship between you, your family, and your pet. Giving your dog your undivided attention at least a few times a week demonstrates to them that they are a special part of your life. They will come to trust you better and show more respect for your authority, especially when it comes to training. 

In fact, the line between training and games can be a little blurry. The latter can be beneficial for developing new skills and helping your pup learn commands. While the former should always be fun to keep your hound engaged and motivated. For example, with games of fetch, your dog trusts you with a prized possession. You can teach them such things as to “drop it” on command and come when called. 

Indoor Activities for Dogs

Depending on where you are based, there are bound to be certain times of the year when you won’t want to venture outside more than you absolutely have to. Yet, your Dood obviously won’t understand this. Having the same energy levels and exercise requirements as always, they will likely drive you up the wall unless you find a way to keep them busy. That’s why it’s good to have some fun activities up your sleeve.  


Your average everyday dog toy might not hold your smart-as-a-whip Doodle’s attention. Luckily, there are plenty of other options. In fact, it may seem as though puzzle toys were designed especially for these delightful dogs, so good are they at capturing and keeping their attention. Hidden treats provide extra motivation. Your pup will need to figure out what to do to get at what they want. 

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Hide and Seek

For something more interactive, try hide and seek. We’re sure you’re plenty familiar with the game already! In the canine version, you hide a favored toy or snack and encourage your pooch to let their nose do the rest. The great thing about this game is that it helps your hound hone their doggy skills – which they will adore. It’s also an excellent way to slow down a speedy eater if you’ve been looking for ways to do that. 

Training Tricks

Rainy days are rubbish. However, they are perfect for leveling up your four-legged friend’s training. Brush up on tried and tested commands, or teach your pal to do something brand new. Keep it fun, keep the treats, praise, and fuss coming, and your dog will have a marvelous time. For inspiration, check out this fun book of dog tricks. It contains helpful training advice and handy troubleshooting tips too.

Obstacle Courses

If you’ve got a bit of space about the place, then you might even consider setting your pooch up a fun obstacle course. Poodles, as super athletic dogs, tend to excel at any form of canine sport. Plus, it’s a great way of keeping that incredible brain of theirs well exercised too. Get creative with different bits of furniture for them to leap over, on, or crawl under – the kids will love getting involved too.

Outdoor Activities for Dogs

Once the sun shines (or cools), you can do what you’ve all been longing to do and head outside once more. Doodles, like every other kind of dog, love being outdoors. Even the suggestion of a W-A-L-K will have them happily hopping about the place or rushing off to fetch their leash from the back of the door. 

It might not have occurred to you to take your pup on a family day out. However, most trips can easily be made dog-friendly with a few simple modifications. So why not include your fur baby? They are an important member of your family too, after all, right? 


An activity that clearly won’t suit every dog (just as it doesn’t suit every person). However, if you and your kids or partner enjoy a nice morning or evening run and you think your pup will keep up, this can be great for tiring them out. If you are able to run in a secure area, such as a designated park, you can let your pal roam free. Otherwise, make sure to pick up a hands-free leash like this one


If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean or a suitable lake or river, swimming can be a great activity for your Dood. You might not know this, but Poodles are keen water dogs and excellent swimmers. So too, are many of the breeds they are often combined with – Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Newfoundlands… What could possibly be better than watching your mutt joyfully splashing around and having a grand old time? 


Perhaps the ultimate dog-friendly activity (unless your pup is the rare sort you struggle to convince to leave the couch), hiking is jam-packed with benefits for all the family. Exercise obviously is number one for this super-easy-to-arrange family activity. You’ll also be outdoors among nature, breathing in all that lovely fresh air. Just remember to take along plenty of water for you and your pup too. 


Doggy dates can be as great for your pup as they are for you. Like us, dogs are social creatures. They benefit enormously from spending time with their pals. Many places these days even offer dedicated dog-friendly events – you and your family can make some new friends too. Off the leash is better so your pal can romp around. Just take care if your pup is not used to being around others. Get them used to it good and slowly. 


Boost your activity levels in the best way – by reliving your elementary school glory days with a good game of tag! It’s like running except (for those who aren’t big fans of pounding the pavement) even better. Get everyone involved, outside, laughing and dashing about. Your dog will love it. In fact, you’ll all be having so much fun that you’ll forget all about the exercising part of the equation. 

Backyard Games

Sure, you won’t always have the time to dedicate to a fun trip out. Never fear. You can have just as much fun with your pooch right in your own backyard. Most of the games detailed above can be adapted to a smaller space. And if the weather is glorious, why not get the hose or, better yet, kiddie pool out and put it to good use? 

Car Rides

Let’s face it; most dogs love riding with their family in the car. Especially if you got them used to doing so from a young age. A simple way to your dog’s heart: wind down the window and let them stick their head out, ears blowing in the breeze (making sure they are carefully secured and can’t make a jump for it, of course). No matter the destination, a pup can jazz up any old car trip, even the long, tedious ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Activities for Dogs

How can I spend quality time with my dog?

Quality time with your dog doesn’t need careful arranging. Your pet will undoubtedly be thrilled with any time you can throw their way. Especially if you put them at the center of your attention. Dogs really are easy. In fact, they will often happily tag along on many of the activities you want or need to do.

What family activities do dogs love the most?

Depending on your pup’s personality, they will happily get involved in a host of family activities. Everything from snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie to venturing out into the great outdoors for a family road trip, hike, or any other kind of adventure. Usually, they just want to spend time with you. 

How do I entertain my dog all day?

Unless you have a young puppy, you won’t need to entertain your dog all day. They will be quite happy with two walks and a little playtime in between. For when you and your family are busy, dog toys and chews can be a wonderful distraction. They stop Fido from doing those things you hate, like barking and digging.

How do you mentally stimulate dogs?

They are myriad ways to keep your pet thinking. Spending time with their pup pals will have them settling back into their ancestor pack ways, toys and games will have them learning new commands and seeking out treats and fun, and canine agility or training classes keep them sharp, engaged, and motivated too.

If you’re new to dog ownership or simply looking for fun new ways to spend time with your beloved pet and the rest of your family, you have many options. Hopefully, the activities mentioned above have given you some great ideas for taking your pup out and about with you or helping to keep them happy and healthy while staying a little closer to home. Either way, you’ll quickly come to see that owning a Doodle can be as much a privilege as it is a responsibility – you lucky people you! 

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