The Best Clippers for Doodles

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If you haven’t owned a goldendoodle before, you probably don’t know much about grooming them, and you may be worried about how to keep your goldendoodle in a comfortable and presentable condition. The fact is that goldendoodles look and feel best when groomed every 7-10 weeks. This means that either your wallet will feel it, or your back will. But since you’re here, it probably means you’re already interested in grooming your doodle yourself. And to that we say, “Never fear! The best clippers for doodles are here!”

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It is important that you invest in some high quality, high-rated clippers and blades (among other necessary grooming tools). This is so you can conveniently groom your four-legged friend in the comfort of your own home.

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(Also, there are many steps to grooming goldendoodles, but we won’t touch on those here.)

Best Clippers for Doodles


Electric clippers are quite handy for giving your goldendoodle a nice, easy trim, or completely shaving off his hair – great for summertime refreshing freedom. There is a huge variety of clippers available on the market and you may be tempted to opt for the economical ones.

However, just like with any other purchase, if you invest in a high quality set of clippers and blades in the beginning, they will outperform and outlast the bargain brands and save you a lot of money in the long run.

One of the best animal clippers available is the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper. I personally use these on my goldendoodle Chloe. With a 4.5 star rating and over 1400 reviews, these electric clippers are some of the best on the market.

Andis AG2 professional grade pet clipper, Best Clippers for Doodles

It has a smart design, is portable, extremely user-friendly, and operates very quietly which will help your pupper stay calm. Plus, it comes with a locking switch that prevents the clippers from accidentally turning on while unready to handle. The barrel shape is fantastic for moving around your doodle’s curves and these clippers offer an amazing grip. (Check out my very in-depth review on these electric clippers if you want to know more.)

Clipper Blades

Ideally, you should buy clipper blades along with a clipper since the clipper will usually only come with one stock blade, which won’t necessarily be the blade you want or need for grooming your doodle. You should also consider purchasing more than one because you will typically need different blade lengths for different parts of the dog’s body.

Two of the best clipper blades you’ll come across include the Andis Pet UltraEdge and Andis CeramicEdge Carbon-Infused Steel Pet Clipper Blade. I personally own the 5FC UltraEdge blade, which cuts her hair down to 1/4-inches long. “FC” stands for “finished cut”, which gives a more professional, smooth, finished cut on the hair.

Best Clippers for Doodles

Both models of blades are fashioned of excellent quality steel or steel-infused ceramic, are incredibly durable, and provide the smoothest and most even cut to your goldendoodle.

Recommended: Blade Cooling Spray

You’ll find when cutting lots of hair at once, the clipper blades will become quite hot. Since dogs can’t talk, when the clipper blades become hot they may not give you any signs of discomfort. It will only be after a few minutes that you notice the heat radiating from the clipper blade area.

To minimize the risk of burns and to cool the blade down quickly, it is best to use a clipper blade coolant spray that you can spray onto the blades for keeping them cool while cutting or preparing the next area to be cut.

The Andis Cool Care Plus is a top-rated cooling spray, disinfectant, cleaner, rust prevention, and a lubricant all-in-one. The reduced friction between the blade’s claws improves the average lifespan of your clipper’s blades and extends the amount of time you can cut before needing to cool them down.

Andis Cool Care Plus blade spray

Optional: Clipper Combs or Clipper Guards

I personally do not use clipper combs or clipper guards and have never had a problem. But some people may prefer to use them for extra protection from blade-related injuries. You may also use clipper combs if you don’t want to take breaks to wait for your blades to cool down.

Something like this clipper comb set can be used with the Andis AGC clippers. The combs work best with blade sizes 40, 35, 30 and 10 (which comes with the AGC clippers), and give you the ability to cut hair to a variety of lengths.

In my opinion, these are the best clippers for doodles, and clipper blades required for DIY grooming. If you plan on grooming your goldendoodle yourself you will be rewarded with the additional bonding time and all of the money you save over the course of several haircuts. Your doodle will feel fresh and happy, and you can always give them the exact look you have always wanted.

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