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Reported Doodle Scammer in Nebraska

Website: https://aaronminigoldendoodle.com/
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A User Says:

I found this website online – it appears to be off line now but I think it will resurface under another name because I found evidence of another name on their site. Some of the puppy descriptions had multiple names too which makes me suspect they update the info every so often, but don’t take the time to check their edits carefully.

Puppies are only $750 plus $200 to “fly them to you.” All the pups are available and there are no pictures of the parents or any info about the parents at all. Many other red flags on the website too.

There are no independent reviews of the breeder… I asked for a referral from a previous client. They didn’t want to give me a name at first but then they gave me a name of someone from their website testimonials. The person on website was supposedly from NC (or SC?). The number they gave me was an Omaha, NE number. I called the number, nobody ever answered. Tried using another phone to text the number but got suspicious responses.

I never responded to them again nor gave them any money and then they took down their website. I also reported them to the BBB.

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