Amish puppy mill - Vermontville, MI area

Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in Michigan

A User Says:

Amish are well known for breeding multiple popular, especially “designer” breeds, in barns and outbuildings. They put up yard signs, run ads and sell them at flea markets and swap meets.

I was not intending to get a puppy but went to check out an ad near where I live, selling different doodle mixes at once. Temperature was near zero, la in the day, and pups from several litters and sizes were in a pen on concrete. They smelled sour and horrid. The tiniest was a shivering Aussie doodle, emaciated, dehydrated, lethargic with crusted scabs on her skin. Barely had milk teeth but competing for hard kibble with labradoodle pups 4 times her size. None of them acted like they’d been handled much.

I asked: when they were born – she said all pups born on the same date (?).

I asked to see parents and papers – she said unavailable as they sell the pups for some friends and don’t have that info.

She couldn’t name the food they were eating.

Did they have vaccines? Yes but not sure what and when.

I know it’s not good to support breeders like this by buying through them but I feared the smallest puppy wouldn’t survive the cold night. Nothing in me could leave her there so I paid her $500, tucked her inside my heavy clothing and left.

She weighed 1 lb, 10 oz, required inpatient IV fluids, tested pos for Parvo, almost lost her. She has recovered, weighs 5 lbs, is gaining weight and trust – is a smart and delightful little girl. I know there may be further problems as a result of her Breeder.

Yes, I reported them. Was told because they move the pups around, away from Breeder and moms too soon, they are hard to bust. Very closed business community. Animals are just business and money to them.

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