Curbys Creek Doodles

Reported Doodle Scammer in North Carolina

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A User Says:

I reached out to a breeder online under the name Curbys Creek Doodles. They seemed to have a great page with many photos and puppies. I contacted them on Instagram and began the process. Was given details of the sale, including what the dog came with and transportation costs. I was also sent a video of 2 options with a little girl playing with the dogs. It was so real to me. I agreed to a dog and was asked to Zelle the money, which was an ordeal as it was not originally working on their end. (First red flag). I figured it out anyway and Zelled the $1500, which included $300 for transportation. The delivery date was scheduled for Dec 24, 2023. I then asked for the agreement and received a bill of sale that I had to sign and send back which I did.

I continued messaging as I had not heard back on delivery info. I finally got a response on December 23, letting me know that I would get an email morning of delivery with pick-up time. I received an email the morning of, and it was a confirmation which followed a request for another $2000 for a special ventilation carrier. Given this was a Christmas gift to my children, I was desperate and sent the money yet again via Zelle. After confirming receipt of payment, I got another request for $1100 for now-mandated insurance. I refused to send the money and began messaging the breeder who blocked me. Sadly, no delivery and no dog on Christmas Eve.  I contacted the info of the person to Zelle the insurance money to and they did pick up the phone. They told me they had no idea what I was talking about. Needless to say, it was a very sad day for us, and I was scammed. Please help me stop these scammers. This was a terrible thing to do not only on Christmas but to a single mother.

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