Darin Swift

Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in Oklahoma

A User Says:

I went to meet an 8 month old Labradoodle that was being adopted out for free. I didn’t realize that he was a breeder at the time, I assumed this pup was from an accidental litter and I was happy to adopt. When I got there, there were several pens with loads of other dogs in them. The area was very clearly not cared for, the pens were dirty and filled with poop. I proceeded to meet the pup I had come to adopt and chose to take him home. The breeder had spent such minimal time with him that he had to get food out and grab him when he wasn’t paying attention so I could take him with me. Upon getting him home, I realized that he had POOP matted into the hair on his chest, stomach, butt and back legs. Later in the day, he text me asking for a donation to continue “caring” for the other dogs.

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