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Reported Doodle Scammer in Pennsylvania

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A User Says:

Scam site on web and FB.  Probably on IG as well.  They insist on wire transfer due to fees. Communicated for several days and sent the money for puppy and shipping.  Last minute the “nanny” transporting the dog was in an accident.  The hackles went up when my wife told me that.  Told we could go with cargo shipment since it’s domestic no added cost.  They dropped pup at transporter and due to “recent regulation changes” a normal dog crate would not work.   Wanted another $1900 dollar deposit to insure we sent back the crate.  If they do this, run fast.  Of course your money sent is in the wind at this point.  Don’t throw good after bad.  My wife had tried to IM in the beginning.  No answer.  They had the gall to finally answer her and ask if she was still interested in getting a pup.  Their ’ interoffice ’communication sucks but they obviously have a nice little operation going here.  My wife is a wreck.  I’m pissed, but not at her.  Buyer beware.  Advice is look for the little details in websites and communication.   Odd grammar and inability to comprehend messages should send you running the other direction.  Hope y’all have better luck. Of course, if you’re reading this …

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