Eric Mckinney

Reported Doodle Scammer in Utah

A User Says:

In Sept 2023, I have agreed to purchase micro Goldendoodle thru IG, @yourdeamdoodlepaws, We even did Facetime prior to contract, and actually saw the puppy. We signed the contract electronically send $1000 via Zelle. They said they will use flight with nanni service and they sent the tracking number under Jit pet nannies flight, which stated the puppy will arrive next day at 11am.  However, next day, JIT  reached out asking for a deposit of $1,500 (fully refundable) for the crate they needed in order to proceed with the delivery. They said they only accept Zelle, or any other Cash App. I declined that proceed with Credit Card payment. After payment, the tracking stated it has been processed and in transit. Today, I reached out again, asking for custom clearance insurance fee, $1500 (fully refundable) only via Zelle, or any other Cash App. They provide the Zelle information under Elisabeth Neh & Chimere Anyanwu. At this time I refused and realized it was scam. There is no custom clearance needed for domestic shipments. This is SCAM, do not SEND any money.

Breeder used Names and emails:

  • Eric Mckinney
  • Address: 191 W 200 S St, Springville, UT 84663, USA
    656 W Capitol St., Salt Lake City, UT 84103
  • Email: ,
  • Instagram Account: @yourdreamdoodlepaws
  • Phone number: 8016142888, 3854222914

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