Happy Home Sheepadoodles

Reported Doodle Scammer in New Mexico

Website: https://happyhomesheepadoodles.com/available-puppies/
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A User Says:

I came across Happy Home Sheepadoodles during an online google search (mistake on my part).  They had available puppies that were beautiful.  I was leery of scammers so I did do a reverse image search which yielded nothing so I contacted happy home.

I did have to answer some general questions via email and when I didn’t do so right away I got a text saying i needed to answer the questions asap as many people were waiting for these dogs.  One of the questions is about if you could pick up the dog or not and I’m hindsight I do believe that is how they choose who they proceed with scamming.  Being 21 hrs away they knew I couldn’t swing by.  The shipping price was also very low and too good to be true.

I wanted to proceed to the sale and they then disclosed they only took venmo, Zelle, or cashapp.  The venmo was a generic profile he claimed was his daughters as it had a name different than the one listed in the website.  When I tried to send the money, venmo put an insant fraud hold.  So I reached back out to the seller and he began rushing- telling me to cashapp (giving yet another account name) then to Zelle (again with another name associated).  Now with all the red flags up I asked for proof they were legit and the dog was real.  Rather than provide that-he assured me they had never had this problem.
Fast forward 3 weeks, and the dogs that had “many people wanting” to buy them are still listed on their website. No updated photos and their ages have stayed the same (at 11weeks) despite a 3 week plus time lapse.

They do have reviews listed in their site, but I can’t validate one name with any social media presence which is odd for a list of folks buying a dog online- I’d expect at least one to have an online footprint.

I also cannot validate the LLC they claim to have with New Mexico

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